Why Michelle Obama is Good for the Economy

For the second year in a row, Vanity Fair has named Michelle Obama to their best dressed list. Not on the list is Hillary Clinton, or Nancy Pelosi. Both Hillary and Nancy dress in beautiful pant suits. Hillary’s pant suits especially were the talk of business women, but not of Vanity Fair. Nancy wears fabulous skirted suits too, but again not up to the list of Vanity Fair. So why does Michelle make the list?
Michelle wears dresses along with suits. She is young and vibrant and really tall which helps on camera.


Why will Michelle Obama help the economy? Because she has a look that other women can easily emulate. Not all women have to wear a suit for work. They can get a dress, coat, skirt, or a suit like Michelle wears and knows they are chic.


Michelle Obama was on the TV show ‘The View’ wearing a dress from the Black and White Store, and that dress sold out after she mentioned where she bought it. Any woman who has a Black and White Store in their town or on line can buy the same dress worn by the future first lady of the United States. Do you have a meeting, a job interview, and not sure what to wear? You can afford to buy what Michelle Obama wears. She has done pretty well for herself, so can you and help the economy in the process. Not to say all of Michelle’s clothes are affordable and off the rack, but they appear to be with-in the budget of many women, or at least a close facsimile.


Hillary Clinton has changed the way women look at the first lady of the United States. The first lady is no longer just an arm adornment for the President; she may become President in her own right. Michelle Obama can follow suit, but not in a pant suit. In the mean time she is helping the economy of the United States by being an affordable fashion role model to many women.


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