Shopping is a Good Thing Again

 According to author Lee Eisenberg and his new book Shoptism, shopping is good again. Did you see his story in Parade Magazine? Just in time for the Holiday season, I am thrilled with Lee because he indorses the cost per wear formula and the ‘transform’ ourselves theory.

How many times have we all moaned about an expensive outfit we bought for a special occasion and only wore it once or twice and it is sitting in our closet going out of fashion by the hour? How many times have we looked at pictures of ourselves in said outfit and become bewildered that the transformation we were striving for was missed?

Let’s examine another example. How many days to you go to sleep? Usually that is everyday. So the sleepwear, nightgown or pajamas you wear, you wear everyday. How many times do you wear the same nightgown or pajamas because it is soft, comfortable, and makes you feel good? Would that be every night too?

How often have you put the buying of gifts for family members ahead of yourselves? How many times have you told family and friends that you don’t need anything for the holidays this year knowing they are still going to buy you something? Why not make this year different. Why not use Lee Eisenberg’s recommendations and buy and ask for what you want and need, a good night rest! Moisture wicking sleepwear can help.

Haralee.Com sleepwear offers soft, comfortable, beautiful, sexy, attractive and affordable sleepwear for all women. You deserve a good night sleep. Yes this is a bit self promoting but you also learned about an interesting author his latest book and a cost per wear formula! Shop today for a cooler tomorrow.


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