Meals On Wheels

Recently, instead of spending all day working at my desk I went with my husband on his delivery route for ‘Meals on Wheels’. What a great way to start the business week by taking a couple of hours to volunteer.

This ‘Meals on Wheels’ operation is run efficiently, happily, respectfully and rather yummy. Not to gush too much about what a good cause this mostly volunteer organization is in providing a hot meal and week-end meals, but more about what else it gives to its clients.  

All of the recipients are low income. Some live in their own homes. Some of the people live in state housing apartments or duplexes. Most of the people are elderly but some are younger and suffered an injury or an illness and live alone.

The ‘Meals on Wheels’ driver is sometimes the only person that these folks see in a day or open their door to let into their homes.  A quick conversation full of weather and pleasantries, and it is off to the next home. It is a quick and meaningful volunteer opportunity face to face helping those who need and appreciate a smile, a hello and a hot meal.

Having dealt with an elderly parent living alone, I know how important a good meal and a check-in is! Before my Mother went into assisted living she would sometimes have toast and tea for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the winter, two or three days could lapse before she would leave her home or see anyone in person because of the snow. Luckily for our family we have a wonderful cousin who became my Mother’s own personal meals on wheels program. Most people are not this fortunate!

If your city, or county has a ‘Meals on Wheels’ program and you have the flexibility to volunteer before the lunch hour, look into it. The thrill of volunteering!


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