Dancing at the Gym
February 14, 2011

Do you do Zumba? Do you do NIA? How about Les Mills Body Pump or Barre3? Jazzercise, remember from the 1980’s is also making a comeback. Well if you say yes to any of these or any other dance exercise class, you are so in!

Many gyms about a decade ago thought that rooms devoted to exercise dance classes was too valuable of real estate and reduced their floor space  for more machines. Now gyms are moving out the machines and putting down floors and turning up the music.

Why the change? Why group exercise? Is it just the latest trend?

My opinion is machines are boring. Everyone is tuned into their own music or their own screen and not interacting. Exercising by yourself makes it easier to cheat on your work-out time. In a class there is a beginning and an end. In a class there is music you like or don’t like but you still exercise to the beat. In a class you can talk with people around you. In a class the instructor can instruct and actually help you from hurting yourself!

Yoga, Pilates or Spinning classes are wonderful, but give me a class filled with upbeat music, no machines, and I can forget that I am exercising. Hot flashes even merge into sweat! So are you working out with friends too?