Made in America, Made in the USA
July 20, 2010


When you see the label “Made In the USA” do you think the product is made in a USA prison? Do you think it is made by a company in the USA that is not a prison?

Our company, Haralee.Com, makes a very strong effort to be made in the USA. We believe it is one of our values to sustain the USA economy. Most of our competitors have gone offshore. Their labor costs are less yet they charge the same as us so their profits are greater. I don’t begrudge anyone their business success. I also don’t think there is anything wrong with using prisoners for labor. In most cases it is an earned privilege for the inmates to work at a prison company and restitution can be made from the income so it is a win-win situation.

We chose for our company the commitment to ‘Made In America’ meaning jobs and employment to our neighbors, friends and small companies that are trying to succeed today. We use in country pattern makers, designers, web masters, and hosting companies. We buy all our fabric, labels, notions, and shipping bags from companies based in the USA.

Consumers have a great choice of where they make their purchases. We just want people to buy their wicking garments from us and support the USA economy. One less suffering woman with hot flashes and night sweats means one more dollar staying in the USA.