Our Plus Size journey
January 17, 2011

Haralee.Com sleepwear has a true plus size in 2X and 3X. Yeah so what you might ask? Good to know you might say? Who cares you might say? Well it is a big deal in the garment industry and for us and it was a fun time to get there.

We received many requests from customers for a plus size, not just a bigger stretched – out size medium. Our customers wanted the rise in the pajama bottoms to fit and be comfortable. They wanted the shoulders on the nightgown and pajama tops to fit and be comfortable. They wanted comfort and we wanted to supply it. Who knew this journey would take us a year to complete!

Our designers and pattern makers had to start from square one in redesigning our patterns to the new sizing charts and requirements. Once we had a prototype for a pattern we had our sample maker sew up a few samples.

Our next step was to find plus size fit models to fit the new samples and patterns before we went into production.  A fit model is a person of a specific height and measurements range. No pictures are taken that can be used for a modeling portfolio, it is just the fit. We advertised hoping to find 2 women that could work for about an hour during business hours. We were swamped by the AD. Most women who responded were hoping to add the pictures to their portfolio for acting and modeling careers. After we clarified our position we still had more than a dozen women wanting the job. We picked 4 women that had the closest to our specific measurements requirements.

We have used fit models before and know something that all of us know: People lie. They may not mean to, or mean just a bit of a fib, but the measuring tape tells the truth.  2 of our 4 models were great to meet but we had to send them on their way because they were not even close to be in range. Luckily the other 2 women worked out great and with a few adjustments we went into production and now have plus sizes to our product mix.

Have you lied on your driver’s license about your height or weight? Would you answer and AD for a modeling or acting job and fudge your measurements?


Recipe Contests and Other Marketing Tools
September 3, 2008

Like many people I read recipes. My favorite recipes to read are the contest winning ones. I even go to the State Fair every year just to look at the prize winning cakes, breads, pies and cookies. I entered a couple of times, but that is another story.


I recently read a recipe from a potato chip company that had to be the worst recipe I ever read. It was so bad that I emailed the company and told them it was a waste of good ingredients, including the required potato chips. The PR person from the company replied and said it was a contest winner!



I understand the marketing reasons why companies hold contests. Extra revenues, good PR, free media attention, it all makes good business sense. I even ran a naming contest for a new night gown last year. http://www.haralee.com/product_info.php?cPath=4&products_id=48

Contests can be fun but with recipe contests, some one has to taste it, and doesn’t it have to taste good?


Have you ever read a “winning” recipe that you just knew was not a winner? Share here please. Tell me I am not the only one.

Customer Service or Is It Customer No Service ??
August 26, 2008

Have you been to a large department store on a week day and want to buy something and can not find a cashier? Have you waited in line at the grocery store while the person in front of you struggles with the debit machine while the cashier looks out into space? Have you called for a doctor appointment and immediately placed on hold? Have you tried to call about a service and end up pressing all the numbers on your phone key pad and still not get your answer? Have you emailed a company only to get a generated acknowledgment response? Are you made to feel you are interrupting store employees talking with each other when you want to be a customer?


Yes, we have all been subjected to no customer service. Some personalities really should not deal with the public in person, on the phone or via the internet. Are you going to be the one to tell them to review their career choice? To tell the customer no service representative that their talents would be better used elsewhere?  That you know that they would be happier pursuing another job path? Don’t you want to?


Every time I encounter a customer no service situation I make a mental note that this kind of service will never happen in my company! At Haralee.Com we pride our selves in our customer service. Since we run an online company, when we do get phone calls it is very important that we make them personal and helpful. When we send out our orders we package them like a gift and add a personal notation. We e-mail our customers when their orders ship and try to ship out in a one day turn-around. In short we stress customer service at each and every personal exchange. We get lots and lots of emails which praise us on our customer service. While I think we do an outstanding job every day, I think most people have become so used to rude no customer service that they are very delighted when good customer service comes their way.

Where is the service?

Where is the service?Hello, Can some one help me?