Pink Products that Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October 19, 2010

The National association of Women Business Owners, NAWBO, sent out a recent poll asking their readers of ‘Smart Brief’, this question;

 ‘Do you buy any of the pink products that go on sale each year for national Breast Cancer Awareness month?’

Here are the results:

  • 57.61% Said NO
  • 31.52% Said  A FEW
  • 10.87% Said YES A Lot has over 70,000 members and many more read their on line ‘brief’.

My question is why not?

I was shocked to see these results? If I was to buy a product and saw they had a special packaging that gave even .05 to breast cancer charities, I would buy it.  Why wouldn’t I?

Do women think that a ‘pink’ product that supports breast cancer awareness never goes to the charities? Do they think it is just a marketing come-on? There is even a name, ‘Pink Washing’. Breast cancer 25 years ago was not talked about except a hushed whisper. It was considered a woman’s cancer.  When women were diagnosed with breast cancer in the not so distant past, their husbands were told about their wife’s disease. Breast cancer awareness has come a long way from then and we are all better for it!

Recently Kentucky Fried Chicken and Komen for the Cure came under attack with their partnership. Five cents was donated for every family size bucket that was bought during a period of time. Yes, Kentucky Fried Chicken is not a health food and is counter intuitive to healthy eating and cancer prevention, with-out question. The reality is many people eat KFC often and why not garner a donation from folks that may not otherwise donate to Komen? Why not give people who eat KFC and know they shouldn’t a bit less guilt? $4.2 million was raised.

My company,, supports breast cancer research and gives a portion of every sale to breast cancer charity. During the month of October we give more. We don’t have to have been a socially conscious company but we choose to reward the purchasing power of our customers that shop with us. We want our customers to feel good about their purchase on many levels and supporting breast cancer research is one way it becomes a win-win situation.


Charity Walk, Run and Bike Season
May 25, 2010

Last week-end I participated in my first charity walk of the season. The weather could not have been worse. At race time it had warmed up to 45 degrees and it was raining and windy. Most of the people who registered for the race showed up. They walked or ran and supported this charity, the Clara Jean Foundation. The 10K course bisected a walk/run for the American Heart Association. Throngs of people battled the weather to support their causes for a couple of hours on this Saturday morning. I was proud to be one.

The Clara Jean walk this year offered a $5.00 doggy registration. The dogs got a bandana with the foundations colors and logo. Also strollers were allowed with the dogs on the family fun 5k walk. Because of the bad weather, few walkers had their Logo T-shirts on so it was great to see the dogs showing their solidarity.

In 2009 a friend of mine made a New Year’s resolution to participate in a charity event every Sunday. He ended up walking or biking or paddling in 40 events. He spent a little over $1,200.00, about the same he donates yearly, and has T-shirts for life. He also lost 15 pounds, lowered his cholesterol, made some new friends, and learned a lot about causes, charities and diseases.

These types of charity events are fun, relatively inexpensive and a great way to educate yourself and others. What a nice way to spend a few hours on a week-end morning and get some exercise too!