Rejections are Sometimes Hard to Take
December 16, 2012


I have been in sales pretty much my whole adult life. Part of selling someone something is also being rejected. You get told ‘No’, quite a bit. A good sales person looks at the ‘No’ as an opportunity to get to ‘Yes’. Rejections are part of the game of sales.  In sales you hope for every one ‘No’ you get two ‘Yes’.


I run my own company now,, sleepwear for women. Some customers will return an item and say they don’t like the style, the color, the fit, the fabric etc., just reject the product. I also get customers who love it all and buy every style we produce.  The old adage “you can’t please everyone” is very correct. Business is full of rejections and I am used to this type of rejection and don’t take it personally.


However, lately I have been personally rejected. You would think an old sales pro like myself would have tough enough skin that the rejections would bounce. Not the case!  I have recently been rejected from the following:


By a Charity for a Volunteer job

I have worked this same job for 3 of the last 6 years. I spend about 15 hours on the event. This year they rejected me because they reduced the number of people doing the job. I got cut!


By my Chiropractor Doctor

She rejected me as her patient because she doesn’t think she can help me any longer. Rejected and depressing, no hope!


By a Clinical Study

I volunteered for a clinical drug study on a new osteoarthritis drug. I have arthritis in my knee and spine. I have been in clinical trials before so understand the protocol. They won’t disclose the reason for my rejection but bottom line I was rejected!


By a Friend

A very old friend of mine has rejected my friendship. She is trying to start a fresh new life and I am part of and a reminder of her old life. We had no falling out. The expression, “don’t throw out the baby with the bath water” comes to mind.  I am bathwater to her! I am rejected.



Not to be all hormonal and feel like I am junior high again but my feelings are hurt by my recent rejections.  I am not looking for pity but just wonder if this has happened to anyone else recently.