How About a Hike with That Lunch??
February 13, 2012

When did just meeting friends for lunch became the reward after an activity?  When did most of my friends become exercise aficionados? Recently after hurting my back for the second time in 3 months I am taking precautions and realize I am left out of my girl friends’ lives!


I love food and meeting a friend for lunch is a great diversion in a workday. I of course am open to breakfast and dinner as well, but lunch is my favorite time for a get together. What I have realized is these lunch dates usually include a 2-3 mile walk; hike or bike ride and I have to decline because I have a sore back!


It is great to reward a very hilly walk or a 1,000-foot elevation gain hike with a yummy lunch. A bike ride of 6-7 miles to a new coffee shop is fun. I love walking, hiking or biking and talking with my friends, but can’t we do the same just over lunch?

An AP reporter about boomers and sports injuries recently interviewed me. It made me think about the change in my lifestyle to relieve my sore back. I stopped going to my exercise class for a few months. I am limiting my biking to 2-3 miles and walks and hikes even less. I am asking myself when did I start including exercise in my life? Living in Portland Oregon is one reason because it is so easy to bike and hike but what about others in my age group?


An unofficial totally unscientific survey to friends in different parts of the country came up with the same result. My girl friends over 50 are exercising even if it is just walking the dog a few times a day.


I have 2 texts from friends to share:

“Watching the neighbors dogs for 3 days. Want to lend a hand for a walk?”

“Fresh snow, pick you up at 7AM for snow shoeing? Be home by noon”

Notice no mention of just sitting and eating!!!

Of course exercise is a good thing. I notice I have an attitude edge while recuperating from my back injury. What about you and your friends? Do you find yourself sharing the bike path or exercise /dance class more than a restaurant?


What Do You Think of THIS Exercise Program ??
April 25, 2011

 Recently I attended a breast cancer conference and exercise was discussed in several presentations. The big news take-away was that the total body needs to be exercised for optimum health. That includes the brain. Leisurely walking or walking the dog while listening to music on the same walk everyday is better than sitting on the couch but it is not utilizing your Total Body, your time or exercise optimally.

To exercise your brain and your body you need to change up your routine so your brain is challenged along with your muscles. Some examples are participating in a new dance class. Learning steps and practicing gets your total body exercising. Changing the intensity of your work-out for 6 minutes with-out a break or adding weights is recommended.

Also recommended are 2.5 hours per week of aerobic exercise of moderate intensity AND 2.5 hours per week of strength training. That addition you just did in your head is correct, 5 hours a week!

Form is important, machines not needed but variety is imperative. Muscles feeling tight or hurting at first is common but by week 3 the tightness should subside. No time line data available if brain power also improves so quickly.

The best news is data shows the benefits of exercise can be had if done in short blocks of time. Speaking of benefits, stronger muscles can prevent muscle weakness that can lead to poor balance or falls and breaks of bones. It is daunting to think that you have to block out 5 hours per week to exercise or you will fall and break something and lose your brains to boot, but if you chip away everyday a 10 minute exercise block, and attend a couple of classes and take every set of stairs in your path, THIS exercise program goal is reachable.

Are you ready to try a new dance step, weight lifting program or exercise class?

Dancing at the Gym
February 14, 2011

Do you do Zumba? Do you do NIA? How about Les Mills Body Pump or Barre3? Jazzercise, remember from the 1980’s is also making a comeback. Well if you say yes to any of these or any other dance exercise class, you are so in!

Many gyms about a decade ago thought that rooms devoted to exercise dance classes was too valuable of real estate and reduced their floor space  for more machines. Now gyms are moving out the machines and putting down floors and turning up the music.

Why the change? Why group exercise? Is it just the latest trend?

My opinion is machines are boring. Everyone is tuned into their own music or their own screen and not interacting. Exercising by yourself makes it easier to cheat on your work-out time. In a class there is a beginning and an end. In a class there is music you like or don’t like but you still exercise to the beat. In a class you can talk with people around you. In a class the instructor can instruct and actually help you from hurting yourself!

Yoga, Pilates or Spinning classes are wonderful, but give me a class filled with upbeat music, no machines, and I can forget that I am exercising. Hot flashes even merge into sweat! So are you working out with friends too?

Exercise in Breast Cancer Survivorship
December 16, 2008

I have been very fortunate to be a participant in an exercise study for breast cancer survivors for the last 23 months. The study just ended and the preliminary results are significant. Looking at bone density, and the impact of exercise looks very positive. The study was funded by the American Cancer Society, and the Komen foundation.


Two groups were randomized, one attending a stretching, yoga class and the other a strength training class.  The exercise results from both groups show very positive health improvements. Total body mass reduction, flexibility increases, less falls and bone density level gains.


Besides all the numerical health benefits, the emotional and personal gains are outstanding. To be a part of a land mark study that is pro active for your own health, and help other women going through breast cancer in the future is an honor.  I was able to exercise with a good friend and become friends with other women who also happen to be breast cancer survivors. I am stronger than I was 2 years ago in many ways.


To become a part of a study near you look at Dr. Susan Love and Avon are looking for women to join their army who are healthy as well as those with health issues.

Bone Density

Bone Density

Don’t Sweat the Night Sweats
September 10, 2008

When I started my business 4 years ago,, I received many questions doubting the abilities of the fabric to work as promised. “The fabric transports the perspiration (night sweats) away from the body where it quickly evaporates.” This means you stay dry and comfortable while getting a good night sleep.


I am happy to say that I no longer get those doubting questions. Women are aware of the abilities of these moisture wicking fabrics. Who hasn’t seen athletes from tennis stars like the Williams sisters to soccer great David Beckham drenched in sweat and still comfortably win their matches?


Not to brag too much but; my sample maker also made the LA Galaxy uniform sample for David Beckham!!


Customers have told me that they want all their clothes to work for them, not just their sleepwear wardrobe. With that in mind I introduced my LifeStyle Shirts, taking the performance of our sleepwear into day wear. Stay dry through hot flashes as well as night sweats. Make all your clothing work as hard as you!