Success andthe T-Shirt to Prove It!
July 7, 2010

My company is a chapter in a book. Sherry Sexton’s book ‘The T-Shirt to Prove it!’ is on sale at and Haralee.Com is chapter 13! We are all so excited. I am so honored that our company’s chapter is sandwiched between other such successful women entrepreneurs. We are thrilled.

When Sherry interviewed me over a year ago, I was flattered. I would have been happy with a mention but with an entire chapter, I am over the moon. Being an entrepreneur can sometimes be lonely. We are blazing new ground so therefore we have new measurements for success. Today with sherry’s book I feel the warm sensation of success or was that just a hot flash?

In the 25 stories in Sherry’s book there is a thread of happiness and success. 25 women tell their stories on setting out to become entrepreneurs. It is an inspiring read and motivating to all women who are considering the entrepreneurial road.

I am so very proud to be one of the 25 Sherry chose in her first book, ‘The T-Shirt to Prove it!’