Menopausal Lost Dog
January 11, 2015

This fall on garbage day my neighbor knocked on my door. Since I bike around the neighborhood, she wanted to know if I knew this dog. Betsy

I am pretty sure I would remember this face! I did not. My neighbor is a big walker and she didn’t recognize her either. The dog then plopped down on my front walk. I got her some water and our afternoon together began.

 Betsy and water

I am friendly with many neighbors so it wasn’t hard to solicit a leash, collar and kibble for the pooch. We are a cat family.


Since it was a beautiful day and it appeared to be a school free day, the neighborhood was buzzing. My office  is in the back of my home so I don’t see the street. We have a corner lot but it is all treed and private which is great except when you want to do some neighborhood sleuthing and get work done at the same time!

I gave up on the work and set out to find this girl’s home. She wasn’t a pup and I didn’t think she could have wandered far. I put up posters around the neighborhood, notified the appropriate agencies and placed 2 listings on Craig’s list. I stopped everyone who walked or rode their bike past my house to take a look at the dog and rack their brain if they recognized her.

I named her Wanda and hoped closer to the dinner hour her owners would come home and get her. She was happy to hang out with me and nap on the front porch.

Betsy 14

Around 5, her owners claimed her. Her real name is Betsy and she is almost 8. She has been acting irritable lately, eating and sleeping more. They don’t know how she got out of the house and yard but this is the second time she has taken off.

The young family was thrilled she wandered just 2 blocks to my house and was safe. They were very grateful. She has been moved to this new house and yard and neighborhood. That’s a lot of change for what I think is a menopausal dog. No wonder Betsy felt comfortable with me, 2 menopausal gals hanging out on a lovely day!


How to Survive Menopause with-out becoming a Felon: 8 Coping Tips
December 5, 2011

Hormone Replacement Therapy is an option for some women to get through the side effects of menopause. Prior to 2001 most women were put on HRT if they complained to their physician about menopausal side effects, and they stayed on it for 10-20 years. Now studies have shown HRT does not have the health benefits once thought and high dose and long term usage can have adverse effects.HRT at the lowest dose for the shortest amount of time is often now recommended for women who choose the HRT path of coping. Someone who has had estrogen positive breast cancer, HRT is not a viable option.
If you have tried every drug store or internet “solution” and find yourself out of more money than fewer side effects, here are some coping remedies:
1. Fans placed strategically everywhere you go. A small fan in your bathroom as you put on your make-up. Keep a personal fan at your desk for work. Place a small fan on the kitchen counter as you prepare food.
2. Keep your house and office thermostat set at cool. So what that your family and co-workers are wearing down jackets indoors, who cares?
3. Drink iced beverages at all times. Keep ice cubes handy. Drop one down your bra, or rub one at the back of your neck for an instant cool down.
4. Try to make hand held fans and parasols a fashion statement for you when venturing outside in warm sunny weather.
5. Do not fancy the notion of becoming a Vampire. Yes they seem always cool, they don’t go out much in day light but the undead is really not a viable option just to get through menopause.
6. If you are shopping for a new car, buy a convertible. If it rains or snow, just drive faster. If it is really hot outside and you must venture into it, be sure the car has air-conditioning. If you are not in the car buying market, drive with windows rolled down in winter and air conditioning on high all through spring summer and fall. If you take public transportation, sit close to the doors that open, or an open window.
7. Fashion tips from my previous Fashion blog: open toe shoes, wear layers with the first being a wicking layer, no wool, no turtle necks, no hose or socks or hats, waterproof make-up, carry or stash away an extra set of clothes and make-up .
8. You say a mantra that goes a little like this: I love my freedom, I am just menopausal, I do not want to go to jail, I am just menopausal, I do not want to pay attorney and court fees, I am just menopausal, I do not want to look like a crazy woman, I am just menopausal, I am a mature adult, I am a loving woman, I am just menopausal!

Menopause in Whales
July 28, 2010

A Whale Tale and Not the Low Rise & Thong Intersection Story

Does it seem like the whole world is menopause crazy? Sex in the City2, women on the View? Well now scientists have reported menopause in whales. Gorillas have already been diagnosed in zoos as menopausal so why not whales!

Menopause is a scientific condition and if females of any species live long enough it appears menopause is waiting for them. What tips could we human women offer to the whales? Some of the same tips the zoo keepers give to the gorillas, try and keep cool, and keep your cool.

No one is saying anything about the gender of the South African Whale that tried to hitch a ride on a couple’s yacht last week. The whale is reported to weigh about 40 tons and had been spotted nearby. I think it may have been a menopausal female that just wanted some privacy. Luckily everyone survived the crash.

I would advise, distance with whales. Humans and whales should give each other a wide berth. Whales are big, smart and they can swim faster and deeper than humans. Swimming with the whales, I think is not a good idea! Too many menopausal mammals with-out plenty of cocktails, wine, shrimp or chocolate is not going to end well.