Are my Hot Flashes Gone ???
February 7, 2014

27 million women in the USA have hot flashes and night sweats. Could it be 26,999,999? My hot flashes are waning. I am alerting the media! I still get night sweats but the hot flashes, knock on wood, have not bothered me since summer.


I am cold this winter and I don’t live in a really cold part of the country. I am wearing turtlenecks. I am wearing layers. I am wearing warm socks. I am wearing my down coat when it is not raining. In a nutshell I have become my former self. It has been 12 years since I spent a winter in heavy layers. I never thought I would see this day again!


Menopause gripped me like a giant bear hug with drenching night sweats and drippy hot flashes. For 12 years I have been wearing waterproof makeup because of my hot flashes. For 12 years I have worn sleeveless tops and open toe shoes year round. For 12 years I have not put on a scarf. For 12 years I rarely have worn tights.


Things have changed. I noticed last week the weather was in the high 30’s and I dressed in tights, wool slacks that are lined, leather shoes, turtleneck top with a sweater over it. I then put on a big down coat, a scarf, hat and gloves and headed to my car. I promptly turned my heater on high and was surprised that I wasn’t sweating!


There was a time not long ago that I would look at my arms and they had goose bumps but I was not registering cold. Now when watching TV I use a cozy blanket. I turn the heat up, and turn on the fireplace. I forgot how cozy the fireplace is!


Not to jinx myself so my hot flashes return, I still have night sweats. Yes they are not as frequent or as severe as they once were, but I still get them. I am OK with a few night sweats because I see the end game. A day when I experience no night sweats can only be a mere 2-3 years away, or so I hope!