May 24, 2011

Remember the Fiddler on the Roof song, “Traditions”?  What family traditions do you follow and are they uniquely yours, long time family, religious or acquired?

Recently I was speaking with a friend who was hoping that she was not going to get together for her birthday with her sister. I was surprised because I know she and her sister are very close. What I did not know is the tradition the sisters have since they were kids to celebrate their birthdays by going out to dinner at the same restaurant and ordering the same food every year. Year after year the restaurant is Denny’s!

Evidently her sister like many people who hold on to traditions fiercely, feel you can not deviate at all from the tradition. When my friend was growing up, Denny’s was close to their home and an acceptable place for kids to go alone. The traditional dinner menu, chicken fried steak! Now there are really good restaurants they can go to since they drive and order many things off a menu besides the fried mystery meat entre, but is that keeping with tradition?

Some people I know earnestly strive to set traditions for their families and their children. Just because you get together with someone for New Years Day does not mean it is a yearly occurrence, or is it? What if they think it is a tradition and you are breaking from it if you decline the invitation?

Some traditions are wonderful and stand the test of time. Many families just starting out yearn to make their own traditions. Over the years many families and individuals start new traditions and drop some of the old ones.  Holidays, vacations, family reunions are all laced with traditions. Are you embraced with traditions or saddled?

Jackie Kennedy Onassis set a tradition for her children to write in their own handwriting a poem and read it to her as a special gift. Caroline Kennedy continued the tradition with her children. A lovely way to get children acquainted with poetry. What a lovely way to keep a tradition going as the children mature. What Caroline doesn’t mention is who prompted the continuation of the tradition. There has to be a person that initiates and enforces a tradition otherwise, we all get a bit lazy. Are you the tradition maker, enforcer or recipient?


Flu Shots, When You Care Enough to Give a Shot
August 25, 2010

There was a recent article in the Wall Street Journal about Flu Shots. The title, ‘Suntan lotion, Flip-flops, and Flu Shots’ caught my eye. If you are like me and think of November or December to get your flu shot, not Suntan lotion and Flip-Flops season, think again.

According to the CDC, influenza vaccination time should be pushed up to September, even Labor Day. So while you are back to school shopping or thinking about that last summer beach party, stop and think about a flu shot too. In fact stores like Walgreens and Rite-Aid have trained thousands of their pharmacists to give flu shots. This is the first time all 50 states will allow pharmacists to administer vaccinations.

Since most drug store shoppers don’t immediately think to add to their list a flu shot, these stores are trying to change that perception. CVS has increased food products, Walgreens has added beer and wine and Rite-Aid wants you to pick up your milk with the shot.

Walgreens, I think shows the most creative marketing strategy for flu shots. You can buy a flu shot gift card at Walgreens. When you care enough, give a shot!

Menopause in Whales
July 28, 2010

A Whale Tale and Not the Low Rise & Thong Intersection Story

Does it seem like the whole world is menopause crazy? Sex in the City2, women on the View? Well now scientists have reported menopause in whales. Gorillas have already been diagnosed in zoos as menopausal so why not whales!

Menopause is a scientific condition and if females of any species live long enough it appears menopause is waiting for them. What tips could we human women offer to the whales? Some of the same tips the zoo keepers give to the gorillas, try and keep cool, and keep your cool.

No one is saying anything about the gender of the South African Whale that tried to hitch a ride on a couple’s yacht last week. The whale is reported to weigh about 40 tons and had been spotted nearby. I think it may have been a menopausal female that just wanted some privacy. Luckily everyone survived the crash.

I would advise, distance with whales. Humans and whales should give each other a wide berth. Whales are big, smart and they can swim faster and deeper than humans. Swimming with the whales, I think is not a good idea! Too many menopausal mammals with-out plenty of cocktails, wine, shrimp or chocolate is not going to end well.

A Garden Whine
June 8, 2010

It has been unseasonably cool and wet here. So cool that my heat turns on and it is set at 65degrees. It is so wet that your feet squish and splash up onto your legs while walking on the grass. Then there is the garden and the slug problems. Strawberries are ripening and rotting at the same time. Vegetable starter plants are being eaten by the slugs. I can imagine them on the backs of slugs as they slither on down the garden path.

I am on a vegetable garden rant. All winter we plan and work the yard getting it ready for the garden. We buy starter plants, seeds, compost and soil in anticipation of planting. We wait for the soil to warm up and plant. Excitement ensues in anticipation of the harvest.

What happened this year is the weather turned ugly and nasty. Warning to all readers, this will be gross. My lettuce which is growing well, but it takes up to 30 minutes to clean. Each Romaine leaf has to be individually washed and de-slugged. This same washing procedure has to be used with the spinach which is kind of tough. Yes thick and tough spinach!  After all the lettuce is washed I put it in a plastic bag. Yesterday when I took out some lettuce, there were slugs. They had been eating on the leaves so there were holes. Live slugs and holes on my cleaned and refrigerator lettuce leaves were just too much for me. I think the slugs hatched in my refrigerator.

I am trying to wait for the sun before I re- plant the missing vegetables. I am hoping it is soon. I had dreams of eggplants, melons, cucumbers, and of course sweet tomatoes. Strawberries may be a lost cause, and melons a memory but I am forever the optimist.

Girlfriends’ Guide to Menopause
November 16, 2009

 How many times have friends complained about some symptoms and when Friendsyou mention that it could be menopause you are told, “But I am TOO YOUNG!”??? If you are a good friend you reassure them that it is “Just” menopause. If you are a bad friend you go along with them and stay of the banks of the river Da Nile. Sometimes being a good friend is not well received and it is easier to just be a bad friend, but don’t go to that dark side, stay true to your friends and lead them down the road of menopause.

 Here are the top 10 signs that you are in menopause:

 1. Night sweats. Clammy, sticky, hot then cold waking night sweats 

2. Sleeplessness. You fall asleep but then at 2 AM you are awake, or you don’t fall asleep until 2 AM.

3. IBB. Itty Bitty Bladder. You can not sleep through the night with-out visiting the bathroom around 2 AM. See number 2.

4. Hot Flashes or Hot Surges or Hot Flushes during the day, not just under stress. You haven’t worn a turtle neck in over a year.

5. Irritability. No one can do anything fast enough, slow enough, good enough, or just enough.

6. Mood Swings. Lifetime channel makes you cry and then mad then angry then happy.

7. Trying to Help Everyone. Note that Wonder Woman was young, not in her late 40’s or early to mid 50’s.

8. Menopooch. This is not a dog. This is you tummy that no matter how many kick boxing, Pilates classes you take there is a tiny meno bump.

9. Thinning Hair. Your hair dresser is lying when he/she says everyone looses clumps of hair in the shower, and on their hair brush everyday.

10. Memory Loss. This is a reassuring list. It’s not just you. Too bad you won’t remember to tell your friends, so forward it now before you forget!

It is so Cool to be a Hot Menopausal Woman Today
May 12, 2009

Who knew going through menopause was going to make you cool, hip and very today? I just thought I was hot, but now I know I am HOT!

 Have you watched ‘The View’ recently? Whoopi and Joy are always fanning themselves, the international sign of a hot flash. Oprah does not admit to being hot but her BFF Gail is really the picture of today’s hot woman.

 Fashion has become the dearest friend of the menopausal woman. Sleeveless is in and hose and socks are out. Wicking fabric is made into lots of styles out side of exercise wear so now we can look fashionable and stay cool.

If these aren’t enough reasons to know you are cool, Jack in the Box has a commercial targeting us. There is a slight chance that Jack in the Box is making fun of us, but who cares!  Take a look at this video and have a laugh. in the box

Menopausal Eyesight
February 4, 2009

eyeglassesMy menopausal eyes are now 100% in corrective lenses With Bifocals! My eyes are too dry to wear my contacts. They stick to my eyeballs and no amount of drops is helping me get them out easily.

 I get very anxious when I can not remove my contact lenses. I am frustrated with having to whip out my readers to read. I am tired of buying readers by the gross and still have to launch a search only to locate just one pair.

I am sick of squinting at documents to make out what is written. I am fed up with comments about font size directed toward me. I now say what is the point? I just wear my damn glasses!

I see so much clearer with my glasses that it has depressed me. With-out any corrective lenses, my skin looks to have no wrinkles. My make-up looks flawless. My hair appears shiny and lustrous. My house never needs dusting and my floors look clean. I don’t see fingerprints on the kitchen appliances or the computer screens or smudges on the windows.

When I put on my glasses with the bifocals, I see reality. I see wrinkles and some needed blending in my make-up application and the use of additional hair mousse. The house and office that seemed so spotless is another illusion to my corrected vision.

Reality can be an illusion and the secret to the menopausal eyesight blues; No corrective lenses are the way to go for everything to look fabulous. For the 2 of you who don’t need any vision correction, or those who had the Lasik, and still don’t need readers, I say good for you!