It’s Like Harps were Playing
July 20, 2011

“It’s like harps were playing” was a quote I gave describing how I woke up after having a restful night sleep wearing a prototype of my sleepwear nightgown. I gushed about the joy, the serenity, the delight in having a comfortable restful night sleep in this month’s First Magazine. My story is on page 96 at the check stands of your local Grocery store right now! 

The irony of this reference to harps playing was I just went to a wedding and there was a harpist playing as the wedding party came down the aisle. It was very lovely and serene and delightful. Maybe my gushing wasn’t as exaggerated as it appears.

Earlier in the  week I paid a visit to a friend in the hospital. We walked around her floor and at one end there was a harpist. I thought it was very comforting. My friend thought it reminded her of a funeral and wanted to be released as soon as possible. Interpretation and reference are important on harp gushing!

I know many people who play or have played the guitar, piano, accordion, clarinet, trumpet and saxophone but not one harpist in my social circle, ever. How I would spout the virtues of a harp is beyond me. How I would have 2 encounters with harp music with-in a week when it has been years since I saw or heard someone playing a harp is either celestial or odd.

My first recollection of the harp is from watching a Groucho Marx movie. Harpo was playing a harp. He wasn’t an angel, although in viewing Marx Brothers movies as an adult he was pretty funny. He made a harp sound, soothing, and pretty and rather angelic.

So this story about me and my company comes out with my quote about “harps playing” while I encounter 2 harp playing events in one week. I am interpreting this as not just a good thing, but a great thing! Coincidences can be very interesting or nothing at all, you be the judge!




Off Brand Using
July 5, 2011

Many products are made for one use but end up being used for another. Many of these uses are good and some are very interesting. Some well known drugs started out for one use and ended up exceptional in another use, like Coumadin and Viagra.

Books are written on how to use household products for various uses from cleaning to blowing up things. Cookbooks often include substitution ingredient guides. Using household common items to foil enemies has made MacGyver not only a movie star and a comedy spoof but a verb!

For over a decade I worked for a pharmaceutical company specializing in laxatives. Yes, it was a glamorous job. At one time if an enema in the Western United States including Alaska and Hawaii was used by a consumer, hospital, or health care facility, I was responsible for its distribution.  Yes, unbelievable glamour I know!

So one day I was chatting with a pharmacist and I mentioned we had put in a brick deck. He told me to use mineral oil on the bricks and it will shine them up like new. We used ‘used’ bricks for the patio so making them bright and shiny was appealing. 20 years later I am still using mineral oil on the patio at the start of the summer season. I apply it on my hands and knees and I have to say the job is dreaded more every year. After it is done there is immediate gratification and I thank that tip from the pharmacist.

 Haralee.Com Sleepwear can be used not only for night sweats but is ideal for travel. Have you seen our LifeStyle Tops? Perfect wicking tops for vacations. All our garments pack into almost nothing, weigh almost nothing and wrinkles if any shake out. The pajamas can be used for lounging, working out, and afford modesty.  Why wouldn’t any woman want to pack Haralee Sleepwear for vacation? Come on, the pajamas won’t make you into MacGyver but almost.  Spread the coolness!

Do you use something off brand? Have you repurposed something? Have you a MacGyver experience?

Smile you are on Traffic Camera
March 22, 2010

Remember the days when you could dash off to the grocery store with-out make-up? You could throw a coat over your pajamas, even your menopause pajamas and run an errand? What you say? You still can, you are not a celebrity! What if your dashing results in a camera traffic ticket? There in your mailbox arrives is a picture of yourself in all your unmade-up glory driving your very own car violating some traffic law.

Gone are the days when you could try to explain away to that kind police officer your reason for running a red light, or going 10 miles over the speed limit. In a flash you are caught on camera breaking the law. Camera traffic tickets originally showed everyone in the car when the picture was taken. Now the picture ticket that arrives at your home just shows the driver. Evidently there was a law suit in some state that lead to divorce because the driver and passenger were not supposed to be together. Cities that employ camera tickets just want the fines paid, no law suits and no excuses.

Traffic camera ticket cities employ people to crop the photos and then make a copy and send it in the mail. In this day of digital technology, I wonder about the pictures and the cropped out pictures. Do the people in the office look at them and say, “Should have put on some make-up”; Are those menopause pajamas under her coat”? On the cropped off photos do they laugh and point and say “Look at that sourpuss”? Since hardly anyone has film developed any longer is it a water cooler joke to look at, ridicule or make fun of the traffic violators? The bottom line is Allan Funk was right before his time when he said “Smile you are on Candid Camera” except now it is “Smile you are on traffic camera”!

Shopping is a Good Thing Again
November 29, 2009

 According to author Lee Eisenberg and his new book Shoptism, shopping is good again. Did you see his story in Parade Magazine? Just in time for the Holiday season, I am thrilled with Lee because he indorses the cost per wear formula and the ‘transform’ ourselves theory.

How many times have we all moaned about an expensive outfit we bought for a special occasion and only wore it once or twice and it is sitting in our closet going out of fashion by the hour? How many times have we looked at pictures of ourselves in said outfit and become bewildered that the transformation we were striving for was missed?

Let’s examine another example. How many days to you go to sleep? Usually that is everyday. So the sleepwear, nightgown or pajamas you wear, you wear everyday. How many times do you wear the same nightgown or pajamas because it is soft, comfortable, and makes you feel good? Would that be every night too?

How often have you put the buying of gifts for family members ahead of yourselves? How many times have you told family and friends that you don’t need anything for the holidays this year knowing they are still going to buy you something? Why not make this year different. Why not use Lee Eisenberg’s recommendations and buy and ask for what you want and need, a good night rest! Moisture wicking sleepwear can help.

Haralee.Com sleepwear offers soft, comfortable, beautiful, sexy, attractive and affordable sleepwear for all women. You deserve a good night sleep. Yes this is a bit self promoting but you also learned about an interesting author his latest book and a cost per wear formula! Shop today for a cooler tomorrow.