3 Things that may be Keeping you Awake at Night
March 29, 2012

1.Night Sweats

Night sweats can be caused by a variety of things. A clamminess or dampness to a full body soaking wet, have to change the sheets and take a shower feeling. It all means that you are waking up uncomfortable and often cold.  As always you may want to check with your doctor.


What to do?

If you have a dog or cat sleeping with you and a partner, they are all producing heat so some one has to leave the bed!

Wear moisture wicking sleepwear like from Haralee.com.

Do not wear cotton to sleep. You will only wake up wet and cold.

Keep the room as cool as possible.

Run a fan near your feet.



Insomnia affects many people from a host of reasons.  Is it heartburn or acid reflux? Muscle pains or leg spasms? Have you considered Menopause side effects or side effect from medications? As always you may want to check with your doctor.Image


What to do?

There are sleeping drugs prescription and over the counter to help.

There are relaxation and breathing exercises that may work for you.

If you have a partner that is a very restless sleeper or snorer, you may want to sleep in another room.

Suggestions like earplugs, wave or surf music, very dark curtains and a cool room may also help you stay asleep.


3. Wired Brain

You just cannot turn off your brain. You are stressed to your eyebrows. You are tired but a thought or activity from the day comes across you mind and before you know it you are making lists and writing emails in your head.


What to do?

There are sleeping drugs prescription and over the counter to help.

There are relaxation and breathing exercises that may work for you.

Some people find it beneficial to get up and do an activity like a crossword puzzle or word jumble or Sudoku or walk the dog or brush the cat out of the bed!


What keeps you up at night and what tips do you want to share on getting a better night sleep?


How to Survive Menopause with-out becoming a Felon: 8 Coping Tips
December 5, 2011

Hormone Replacement Therapy is an option for some women to get through the side effects of menopause. Prior to 2001 most women were put on HRT if they complained to their physician about menopausal side effects, and they stayed on it for 10-20 years. Now studies have shown HRT does not have the health benefits once thought and high dose and long term usage can have adverse effects.HRT at the lowest dose for the shortest amount of time is often now recommended for women who choose the HRT path of coping. Someone who has had estrogen positive breast cancer, HRT is not a viable option.
If you have tried every drug store or internet “solution” and find yourself out of more money than fewer side effects, here are some coping remedies:
1. Fans placed strategically everywhere you go. A small fan in your bathroom as you put on your make-up. Keep a personal fan at your desk for work. Place a small fan on the kitchen counter as you prepare food.
2. Keep your house and office thermostat set at cool. So what that your family and co-workers are wearing down jackets indoors, who cares?
3. Drink iced beverages at all times. Keep ice cubes handy. Drop one down your bra, or rub one at the back of your neck for an instant cool down.
4. Try to make hand held fans and parasols a fashion statement for you when venturing outside in warm sunny weather.
5. Do not fancy the notion of becoming a Vampire. Yes they seem always cool, they don’t go out much in day light but the undead is really not a viable option just to get through menopause.
6. If you are shopping for a new car, buy a convertible. If it rains or snow, just drive faster. If it is really hot outside and you must venture into it, be sure the car has air-conditioning. If you are not in the car buying market, drive with windows rolled down in winter and air conditioning on high all through spring summer and fall. If you take public transportation, sit close to the doors that open, or an open window.
7. Fashion tips from my previous Fashion blog: open toe shoes, wear layers with the first being a wicking layer, no wool, no turtle necks, no hose or socks or hats, waterproof make-up, carry or stash away an extra set of clothes and make-up .
8. You say a mantra that goes a little like this: I love my freedom, I am just menopausal, I do not want to go to jail, I am just menopausal, I do not want to pay attorney and court fees, I am just menopausal, I do not want to look like a crazy woman, I am just menopausal, I am a mature adult, I am a loving woman, I am just menopausal!

How to survive menopause with-out becoming a felon: Mental/Emotional
November 29, 2011

Menopause can cloud your judgment. Estrogen deprived brains, anecdotally speaking, can cause you to make some rash choices or to become incapable to make any choices. Often that sweet nurturing side of your personality is suddenly gone. You may find yourself crying often and frequently. Once you had a steel trap for a memory and now you wander into rooms wondering why. Many of your friends or family members or co-workers may notice these changes in your mental or emotional state. Some may even be brave enough to engage you in a conversation about the ‘new’ you.

Here are the signs that menopause has a firm grip of your brain and how to cope:

CRS, Can’t Remember Shit    

Write everything down. Do not say to yourself that you will remember, you will not! Write everything down on a note pad that you keep in the same spot in your purse or on your desk so you can check it often and frequently.

 Do not leave it to your phone because you will forget to charge your phone.

DGS, Don’t Give a Shit

You think you look better, younger, and sexier, than anyone else you know even when others may comment lovingly, critically or snidely to you about your dress, hair or overall appearance and you don’t care.

You think you used to be the smartest person in the room. You know that may not be the case because you can not remember some words or have become dependent on spell check but who cares?

You can not watch a beauty pageant, the Olympics, a Lifetime/Hallmark movie with-out sobbing. You hate criers at work and now there you are blubbering about someone’s story and you don’t care.

Mood Swings

Remember when you were a teenager and your own Mother was frustrated with your snotty attitude? No? Well she was and you didn’t know what set you off? Your hormones are fluctuating like that again. One day you are happy and satisfied and the next you are selling the house, leaving the family and job to eat chocolate in Paris!

Are people saying things like “You just need your morning coffee”? Do you have co-workers who only email you? Does your family ask “Why are you so sensitive?” Do you have some road rage? Have you gone Ape Shit in a public setting? Have you been arrested?

What can help? Try to get a good night sleep. Ask your Doctor for sleep medication. Not even when you were at the top of your game did you function well while sleep deprived! Try exercise of some kind. Whacking a ball in some sport or joining an exercise/dance class can help with the mood swings. Don’t self medicate with wine or drugs. Talk with friends your same age. Just know it is normal, you are not going crazy or becoming emotionally unbalanced; you are menopausal.

I am sure I forgot an important tip or sage advice but you can comment here.



How to Survive Menopause with-out becoming a Felon: Intro
November 7, 2011

My initial title was How to survive menopause with-out going to jail, but that seemed short sighted. A snarky remark to a policeman pulling you over for no apparent reason may result in a visit to jail. A shove back to an aggressive shopper may bring store or mall security and it is only protocol that everyone gets hauled into jail to sort things out. A shove forward to get your comments heard by your political favorite might be misunderstood and it is a ride to jail.

Becoming a felon means you have really stepped over the line. You have acted out regrettably in a way that can not be sorted out easily. You have become irrational. You have listened to your inner estrogen deprived voice and snapped. You may be reading this too late. For those of us clinging to our rational though estrogen deprived sanity, I write these words of advice. Full disclosure, my advice is from the point of view of someone who can not offset her menopause symptoms by hormones natural or otherwise.

Most women over the course of several years go through a phase called ‘peri-menopause’. This means little side effects are happening. Most women think something critical is wrong with them or it is stress. In reality more often than not, it is the start of menopause. Denial is one of the first side effects of menopause or peri-menopause. I liken the denial phase to the river The Nile. The banks are very lush, the water is very cool the area is very beautiful and if you could just live there in la-la land of denial, everyone and everything would be great!

Sooner or later, the denial phase does not make sense anymore. Maybe a friend, a spouse or co-worker mentions more than once that you are not quite yourself. Maybe you even have a self reflective non-denial thought and think that you are not yourself either. You start to wonder where the hell did you go and who has taken over your body and mind?

There are many wonderful web sites, books and resources available to find out everything about menopause. From the medical to the spiritual to the alternative to the myths, there is information out there. I am going to share in the following weekly posts the most important information and that is how to survive menopause with-out becoming a felon.  The biggest tip I can give overall is that your inner voice, that voice of rational reason may be compromised because of lack of estrogen, and you need to really truly absolutely positively think and think again before you act, lest you become a felon!

Next Week; How to Survive Menopause with-out becoming a Felon: Fashion


Top 5 Reasons Menopause is Misunderstood and What People Think It Is
June 6, 2011

 5. Not everyone else in the world is experiencing menopause with you so they have no idea about your symptoms. They think you have gone bonkers, crazy, weird, odd, off your rocker or all the above. Is it a disease state like a thyroid condition? No it is Menopause.

 4. Men don’t experience menopause. If they want to explain some different or reactionary behavior, they chalk it up to a ‘mid life crisis’.  That does sound so much better especially when he tosses aside  the first wife and children and marries a woman 20 years younger than him because she, wait for it, ‘makes him feel young’! Is it a mid life crisis? Are you like your male friends and experiencing a mid life crisis also? No it is Menopause.

 3. The kids are gone (or so you hope) and you are left with the spouse, partner, dog or cat. You have worked 25 or 30 years at your profession. According to your friends, co-workers, spouse, partner or kids you are acting different. Is it Empty Nest Syndrome? Looking forward/dreading Retirement? No it is Menopause.

 2. Are you more outspoken, or more opinionated than you used to be? Do you have a more devil may care attitude. Do you lose interest quickly if your kids, friends, spouse or partner don’t succinctly come to the point about what they are talking about?  Are you suffering from some attention deficit disorder?           No it is menopause.      

1. DENIAL. Yes denial is the number one reason, #1, Numero Uno; The reason menopause is misunderstood by everyone. All women think they are too young, too healthy or too busy and that it just won’t happen to them. Living in a state of denial can really blindside you stupid. Estrogen diminishes, menopause happens, get a grip and get with the program! It is MENOPAUSE.

Back Talk Welcome!



Menopause Happens
April 11, 2011

You know how Mother Nature brings in Spring? Cold one day and Hot the next and you don’t know how to dress? Well think of that every day. Hot flashes during the day  Night sweats at night and chilled by damp clothes or too light of clothes when not having a flash and you have one of the most common side effects of menopause.

What you say, I am too young for menopause! Think again. Here is the long and the short of it; Menopause happens to every woman. The side effects are the variable. Do you remember puberty? Hormones raging, bad skin, mood swings, crying jags, greasy hair? Menopause symptoms are similar but due to estrogen decreasing. Mood swings, crying jags, thinning hair, dry skin, hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia and CRS. (Can’t Remember Shit).

Have you ever been talking and forgot a name but it will come to you later? Have you walked into a room and forgot why or what you were after? Have you ever wondered as you drive off to work if you left on the coffee maker, or shut the cat out, or locked the door? Does this happen frequently? CRS!

If you ever experienced after a pregnancy some of the side effects I listed for menopause that is just a taste of what can go on for years. Starting around 35-45, little changes are happening. Your menstrual cycle may change in frequency and intensity. This period has a name, ‘Peri-menopause’. You can take replacement hormones but they are linked to cancer. The medical protocol is if side effects of menopause are ruining your quality of life the smallest dose for the shortest amount of time of hormones can be prescribed. Bottom line; talk with your doctor, your friends, your family and find what can work for you!

Many women will not admit they are menopausal because they equate menopause with being old. I ask would you rather be old or dead?

Listening To Books
March 1, 2011

Anyone listen to books while you drive, walk, run, bike, garden, work out or clean house? Do you download to your own devise or just put in the CD? Do you use your library or a private renting service?


Recently I have considered the download route and need advice: the pros and cons. What devise do you use? Which ones really don’t skip? Which ones can easily be turned off right where you want to resume? Which ones are easy to accept downloads?

One of the side effects of menopause can be insomnia. Reading or listening to books is quiet and can even be helpful to lull you back to sleep. Stresses of the day can all be forgotten by the immersion into a good book. Irritability can be another delightful side effect of menopause. If you use public transportation, listening to books is a great way to not hear the beat from another rider. It is a wonderful way to calm and involve you so you don’t thump the seat hog on the side of his/her head to move over!

My library has a feature on line where not only can you request books on CD, but you can add them to your list. So..You may ask? If you are an avid reader sometimes you forget that you have already read or listened to the book. This feature helps. Forgetfulness and menopause are partners in the brain. Nothing irritates me more than a long drive in traffic and thinking I have a book to listen to and find out I have all ready read it!

I have been listening to audio books for years. I love when the author reads his or her own book. That is a special treat. I don’t want to get into the discussion if listening really counts as reading, because it does! What I really would like is comments on the investment and rewards of a new devise.

If you are Menopausal, You are so Cool!
December 6, 2010

If you have been watching ‘Desperate Housewives’ lately you know the character Brea is going through menopause. She is also dating a younger man who wants to have children. Oh the drama!


Talk of Menopause is everywhere on TV. What once was spoken about in hushed tones as the ‘Change’ is now open conversation using the correct term ‘Menopause’. https://health.google.com/health/ref/Menopause

Not all cultures embrace casual conversation about menopause. Not all women want to talk about menopause either. Some women do not want to be thought old enough to be menopausal. Hey what is the alternative?

Millions of women experience menopause daily, can you feel the coolness!

Menopause and Mel Gibson
November 22, 2010

I recently read a story that Mel Gibson is suggesting his recent melt down was due to male menopause. He is alleged to say he was “menopausal”! Can there be a collective eye roll and disgusted sigh sent to Mel?


Menopause and menopausal symptoms get lots of jokes and blamed for many things that go wrong in women’s lives, some truly justified, but Mel?? Whether there is a male menopause or not is some -what of a debate. Men can lose some testosterone as they age, that is true. Menopause starts with the first 3 letters m.e.n. But I for one have to say blaming very bad behavior on menopause when one is a man, especially a celebrity, is not acceptable! Blaming very bad behavior on menopause for anyone I also think is not acceptable.

Help for menopause symptoms are readily available from physicians and many on line sites. If you Google ‘menopause’ a zillion pages come up to view, educate, interact, and help. Sites like http://www.empowher.com/ have doctors on line and a supportive chat area. A humorous site about menopause side effects done in good taste is http://www.minniepauz.com/.  Dee Adams the woman behind the site and the funny cartoons calls her informational material “Humor Replacement Therapy”.

Menopause symptoms for those of us in the throes can be tiresome, irritating, uncomfortable, embarrassing and difficult, but hardly in the same category as Mel Gibson’s tirade! Of course I could be wrong. Am I out of control about Mel being out of control? That’s right, I’m not and I truly am menopausal!

Movie Stardom
November 15, 2010

Did you ever want to be in the movies? Who hasn’t had a bit of a fantasy; big screen, gorgeous backgrounds, or exotic locations, costumes and make-up? Yes fantasies are great.

 I was able to participate in some of the fun of movie making in Hot Flash Havoc, http://www.hotflashhavoc.com/.

Since it is in documentary style, I am playing myself, a middle age menopausal woman. So much for the fantasy!

My naturopathic physician friend Kelly Jennings is also interviewed and filmed. Kelly treats effectively, and patiently many women with menopause and breast cancer symptoms. She is also young, smart and gorgeous! So my close up is Kelly giving me an acupuncture treatment. Yes indeed, that is me, the woman in repose with acupuncture needles all over her face, head and neck!

The film has a fantastic concept; educate and entertain about the condition called Menopause. There was a full page ad in More Magazine, the October issue.

The grass roots effort to distribute the film is ongoing. The movie won at the Aspen film festival this year! If you have 2,000 friends who want to see the film as a fund raiser for your favorite charity, contact the producers on the Hot Flash Havoc web site.