New Year’s Resolution: HAVE MY PHONE READY
December 30, 2014

 Emotional Support Turkey

This Holiday season I had several encounters that I wish I had snapped a picture or recorded the conversation.

I seem to attract oddness. I think it is because I am friendly and engage people but ….

#1. Some how a man in line at the post office objected to me not inching forward and kept asking me if I was still in line. He told me he should go to the front of the line, at least in front of me because he was a senior citizen. When my transaction took both clerks away from their counters he went, Postal! Later that day when I bumped into him in the market he pointed at me saying, “You You You!”

I wish I had recorded the conversation and snapped his picture!

#2. I saw a woman entering the grocery store with a big dog. I’m not sure it was wearing a service dog coat. I said “that is a pretty dog”. She replied, “not a dog but a wolf.” Next thing I saw was the wolf/dog taking a poop down one of the aisles.

I wish I had my camera ready!

#3. Also at the grocery store a guy had one of those mobile carts with a dog in the basket. He was checking out in front of me. He told the clerk that the dog is a service dog because she can smell him if his blood sugar drops. The dog was a pug.

I wish I had taken a recording/picture for all my Pug and Puggel friends!

#4. Ten days before Christmas I saw 3 guys dressed up in full Santa suits walking toward me. I smiled because who wouldn’t? One of the Santas stopped and asked me for directions. I asked him if he recognized the irony in the situation?

I wish I had taken a selfie with them!

Do I send off an odd vibe? Do you have your phone ready to snap a photo, video, or record a conversation?


I don’t mean to scoff the viability of service animals but there seems to be a fraudulent trend. This recent article in the New Yorker about emotional support animals, one is a turkey as seen above, well it is hilarious…

And here is a slide show of the “””emotional support animals””””!


New Year Resolutions I Keep
December 31, 2013

If I made a resolution and kept it I naturally want to keep it up. Is it now a habit? I read the book, ‘The Power of Habit” which I loved and I think my resolutions are now indeed habitual. The question then becomes if I continue doing these same things can I count them as a New Year’s resolution?

Here are some of my resolutions that are habitual.

I write down every book I read. I am a library patron so this saves requesting and starting to read only to remember I already read it!

I write down every movie I rent or see, same rational as library books.

I pay all bills at one sitting 7 days before they are due whether writing a check or on line. It may seem depressing but I am done and on time.

I keep the dining table clear, only for eating.

I keep a call schedule. I get busy and suddenly I realize I haven’t spoken with a friend or relative in 3 months!

I set play dates for myself.  Out to lunch, a movie, a hike, or shopping with friends or alone. Sometimes I just need a break!

I clean out my closet at least once if not twice a year and give to charity. I used to move clothes to the play drawer because of stains thinking they were just fine for gardening or cleaning. Then I finally realized I was embarrassed the way I was dressed if I saw some neighbors. Charity shops won’t sell these clothes so why am I wearing them? They now get cut up for rags.

I commit to not let any veggies or fruits go to waste.

I try to exercise daily. I don’t say more because I can cheat with that concept but daily is a goal for me.


What are your resolutions?

New Year’s Resolutions
December 27, 2010

Cure Magazine,, asked a question in a reader poll. That question was: “Did you improve your lifestyle after you or a loved one’s diagnosis with cancer?” Of the 315 people who responded, 82% said ‘Yes’ and 18% said ‘No’. Resolutions at this time of the year are often made to be proactive. The best intentions are to start the New Year with a better diet, a better exercise program, a better time management regime, a better life.

From the Cure poll it appears that 259 people used their cancer experience to propel themselves, their loved one or family into an improved lifestyle. The remaining 56 people in the study who answered the poll with a ‘No’, I wonder what was their reasoning? Some I have to assume were terminal and chose to stay on their own course.

 Human nature is optimistic. We all think we will be the one in a thousand to beat the odds, to win. To hedge our bets, just in case we aren’t so lucky, many of us set resolutions to improve our lifestyle. Nobody needs a cancer diagnosis to improve their lifestyle, or to make resolutions for the better. The New Year is a time to start fresh. Everyone knows we should eat and drink in moderation, and exercise daily. I suggest a few other resolutions to the list. We all should get physical check-ups and dental check-ups. If you don’t have insurance, or have a high deductable, I suggest you pay for it out of your own pocket.

What can you cut from your expenses so you can pay to have a thorough check-up with blood work and a dental exam with x-rays? What would it mean to your resolutions if you start with a clean bill of health? What would it mean to your resolutions if you knew specifics, like your cholesterol level, glucose, or blood pressure? Are you feeling lucky or do you know you are?