Customer Service or Is It Customer No Service ??
August 26, 2008

Have you been to a large department store on a week day and want to buy something and can not find a cashier? Have you waited in line at the grocery store while the person in front of you struggles with the debit machine while the cashier looks out into space? Have you called for a doctor appointment and immediately placed on hold? Have you tried to call about a service and end up pressing all the numbers on your phone key pad and still not get your answer? Have you emailed a company only to get a generated acknowledgment response? Are you made to feel you are interrupting store employees talking with each other when you want to be a customer?


Yes, we have all been subjected to no customer service. Some personalities really should not deal with the public in person, on the phone or via the internet. Are you going to be the one to tell them to review their career choice? To tell the customer no service representative that their talents would be better used elsewhere?  That you know that they would be happier pursuing another job path? Don’t you want to?


Every time I encounter a customer no service situation I make a mental note that this kind of service will never happen in my company! At Haralee.Com we pride our selves in our customer service. Since we run an online company, when we do get phone calls it is very important that we make them personal and helpful. When we send out our orders we package them like a gift and add a personal notation. We e-mail our customers when their orders ship and try to ship out in a one day turn-around. In short we stress customer service at each and every personal exchange. We get lots and lots of emails which praise us on our customer service. While I think we do an outstanding job every day, I think most people have become so used to rude no customer service that they are very delighted when good customer service comes their way.

Where is the service?

Where is the service?Hello, Can some one help me?