Portlandia, Some Truth to the Satire
December 11, 2012

If you have seen the show Portlandia on the IFC network, http://www.ifc.com/shows/portlandia, you know it is a spoof of my city, Portland, Oregon. It may make fun of us but of course there is truth in jest.


Real Life Portlandia moments:


A friend of mine owns a small restaurant and buys lettuce directly from the farmer. The woman who delivers has underarm hair so long that she fashions a hair net when she wear a sleeveless shirt.


Urban farmers can raise chickens with-in city limits. Unfortunately as the chickens age they produce fewer eggs. Most friends and neighbors I know have named their chickens and there is no way after their egg producing years are over will these chickens end up as a dinner entre. Businesses have started that will watch your chickens while you are on vacation and foster your chickens until a new home is found in case your love of the chicken raising business wanes. “Put a Bird on it”!


ImageMy husband carries energy and healing crystals in his trouser pockets.  At his work a new person was about to start working there. She had her Shaman bless the work area. She had the area Fen Shui, and placed a giant crystal in an area.  When my husband met her and commented that he liked the crystal and pulled his crystals out of his pockets, she in turn pulled her crystals from her bra. A very Portlandia moment!


My hair salon has neighbor cats that hang out in the salon all day long. They live ½ block down the street and have a remote kitty door opener on their collars so they can go home at any time, but they prefer the salon during the day. In the evening they hang out at the restaurant across the street. The restaurant has supplied them with tags that say they are ‘VIP’.  There are cocktails named after them!


Have you watched the show or have you experienced a ‘Portlandia” moment? New season starts in January.Image