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Fantastic Fabrics That Really Work
June 19, 2008

Speedo, the swim suit maker giant, has the LZR Racer. Swimmers wearing this suit have broken 38 world records since February! The LZR is made of fabric that claims to reduce drag in the water. I use the word ‘Claim’ because skeptics are many, even after 38 World Records are smashed! Even Nike, is allowing their 7 sponsored swimmers to wear the Speedo LZR Racer for the Olympic trials. Call me gullible but I am convinced.


Fabric technology has gone from hi-tech, to Wow Technology. Women experiencing night sweats, as well as athletes, wear clothes made from moisture wicking fabrics. When I started my company 4 years ago, I had many questions about this fabric such as, “Does It Work?” Now fabrics with moisture management properties are a part of our culture. Babies to Grannies are wearing clothes made from these fabrics. These fabrics can help us stay dry, and warm while being light weight, and comfortable.


The Olympics start 08/08/08. Dazzle your friends, co-workers and family members when the swimming events take place and you mention the advantages of the LZR Race!