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Menopause Madness and The Pillsbury Bake Off
April 28, 2009

Call it a Menopausal madness moment, but I thought I should enter the Brownie Biscookie BarsPillsbury Bake Off. This, as it turns out, has not been my most astute commitment. I just got swept up in the excitement of the $1,000,000.00 prize that in 2008 went to the recipe for a peanut butter cookie. Let me say this again, A Peanut Butter Cookie, worth a $1,000,000.00! As in many cooking contests, you must use their ingredients, follow their rules, and make an original recipe. Doesn’t sound too difficult right? This is Pillsbury with a zillion products to concoct a tasty innovative delicious recipe. I mean for the Pete’s sake, a peanut butter cookie won! Three weeks later and my family, friends and co-workers are pleading with me to stop trying to develop a new recipe. They don’t want to taste test anymore. Keep in mind these are recipes that actually made it to the tasting phase. I had several attempts that went right into the garbage. I have honed in on what I think is the winner. $1,000,000.00 will be mine in 2010. That’s right; the PBO is just every other year. This process has given me great respect for recipe developers. I know now why they spit out after they taste test, it can be fattening. A million dollars takes work and effort and some spitting too. Look for Brownie Biscookie in 2010 by the menopausal mad woman!