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The Blame Game with Breast Cancer
May 28, 2014


If I read one more report that says this or that can be done to prevent breast cancer I will explode! Those of us intimate with breast cancer know the randomness of the disease.

There are no guarantees in life. Why would there be a guarantee in preventing breast cancer? There is no cure for breast cancer. There is no one prevention course of action that will keep you free from the disease. Statistically the number one reason people get breast cancer is because they are female. The number two reason is too many birthdays. So if you are female, and live long enough, your chances increase in getting breast cancer.

Here are some of the headlines I read about breast cancer in unscientific magazines: (more…)


Summer Menopause Survival Guide Tips
May 20, 2014

Summer and warmer if not hot, humid temperatures are around the corner. How are you going to survive this summer?


Here are a dozen tips:


  1.        Get a pedicure today and wear open toe shoes until the temperature dips below 60° or Christmas.
  2.        Wear loose necklines and sleeveless tops. Hate your upper arms and can’t get over it? Layer with a thin layer or wear a short sleeve top.
  3.          Try a big beautiful hat. Think Kentucky Derby grandeur because then it becomes a fashion focal point, and keeps you a bit cooler.
  4.          Wear underwear. I know the thought of putting on a bra and panties when you are so damn hot can sometimes seem like cruel punishment but decorum must be maintained!
  5.          Do not take off too many layers. Yes you are too old to just wear a sports bra.
  6.          I know I will get some back talk but No you cannot wear short shorts. I know they are cute cut-offs but you are menopausal not prepubescent.
  7.          No Spanx or tight fitting pants if you can help it.
  8.          Don’t sit outside unless there is a cool breeze and you are in the shade.
  9.          Discretely place a few ice cubes down your bra if you are eating with friends, family or at a meeting.
  10. Invest in waterproof make-up for the summer. That includes eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and lipstick.
  11. Is a short haircut, especially at your nape in your future?
  12. Reduce your alcohol intake. Don’t call me that name! Alcohol often triggers a hot flash. It also compromises some good judgment choices like taking off one too many layer or jumping into a fountain. Just saying…


Are you ready for summer? Do you have additional tips?


What’s Worse, Meanness or Passive Aggressiveness?
May 14, 2014


Who wants to be around someone who is mean? Who wants to be around someone who is passive aggressive? No one of course but it happens in the workplace, in the neighborhood and in the family.


My New Wallet Buying Journey
May 8, 2014

My New Wallet Buying Journey.

My New Wallet Buying Journey
May 8, 2014

Who knew there was a trend change in women’s wallets? I didn’t that’s a fact.

I needed a new wallet. Mine would no longer hold change. The lining was looking very ratty. It was about 15 years old. It was time.


To my surprise, finding a wallet with my specifications; a coin area and not too big, is hard to find. I also didn’t want to have to use a cosigner to buy it. So began my search that turned into a lesson in fashion trend. Here are the reasons: