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Humor as a Home Remedy
February 23, 2010

We all have been there and have had friends going through a bad patch, illness, death, job loss, divorce, etc. and sometimes all at once. There are many ways to help but one of the best I think is humor. A funny movie or book is

The Hunky Old Spice Ad

 always a good choice. What also is fun are some Utube or web sites that can brighten your day.

Have you seen the ‘Old Spice Ad’?  This is a laugh and a cheer up. Got those winter blahs and that trip to someplace warm is not going to happen? Here is the solution to view, and then ask if that didn’t make you feel better?

Need another humor remedy? Cat Lovers have to check out

Humor can lift you up, get you laughing and feeling better. When I was going through chemotherapy and had little energy and felt poorly , I had one friend play the piano and sing on the phone to me, badly. She was so awful that it was very funny. If I didn’t pick up the phone she would leave her song on my machine and I would save one of her routines to crack me up at another time.

I don’t think you can overdose or ever get too much of humor as a home remedy. Inexpensive and thoughtful, sharing the humor is the best home remedy around.


February 15, 2010

New Blog about the Noiseless Scare that Hybrid Cars cause me.

The Kiss and Cry Spectacular
February 9, 2010

The 2010 Winter Olympics starts soon. In 1994, 16 years ago, my husband and I traveled to Norway to witness this multi sporting event.  When we walked off the train and a reporter asked me who I worked for and about fell over when I said we were on our own dime, I should known something was unusual.

The Olympics is not just an athletic event for the athletes, but for fans like us it is an endurance event. Bracing the cold to stand on top of the snow for hours as a skier swooshes past. Up predawn to take a series of buses to sit in a cold ice arena, or to climb to the top of the luge or bobsled course. How about sitting outside in the cold to watch award ceremonies and then getting back to your room at midnight with a predawn trek the next day? It was the one vacation when I wore all the clothes I packed and actually tried to wear them all at one time it was that cold. It was also the one vacation where I lost weight not even watching what I ate because of the physical exertion, the cold or the fatigue, or all together!

The Olympics are exciting and I am glad we did this once in a lifetime vacation. This year in Vancouver, the weather may not be as cold as Norway was but the logistics will be the same. Getting from point A to point B on time is an Olympic achievement. The excitement is always there and seeing great athletes is a wonderful treat. In Norway they opened up one side of one of the mountains for skiing to the public and we rented skis and hit the Olympic slopes. It was a humbling eye opener to ski down and see 10,000 people milling around and looking at you. I have skied the mountains in Vancouver for this Olympics and hope they open some runs for tourists to get the first-hand thrill of victory or the agony of defeat.

This year like most people, I will watch the Olympics from the warmth and comfort of my home. I will be judging the skaters costumes, make-up, as well as their skills on the rink. I will be listening to the commentaries on the skiing events and cheering the underdog teams, or participants that always arise from the winter Olympics.

As far as the kiss and cry corner for the skating events, I think it is just another aspect that makes the winter Olympics so special. Waiting to see your scores while trying to catch your breath with hundreds of cameras trained on you could make anyone cry. Sweating while everyone else is trying to stay warm while maintaining a cool confident manner sounds like menopause.

Yes one more example of how menopause symptoms can be found anywhere to anyone, even Olympic athletes!

February 9, 2010

Kiss and Cry Spectacular at

Night Sweats, and Hot Flashes Story Contest
February 3, 2010

Here is the scenario; you have just finished working out at the gym in a spin class, aerobic, or yoga class or have been on the machines and now you are cooling down. You feel good and wiped the sweat off and are walking to get your stuff to leave. Who should stop you but (fill in the blanks here) the handsomest man, former co-worker, old boyfriend, or old flame, to chat. You notice during the chitchat that you are again sweating profusely. What is going on you ask??? Welcome to the world of hot flashes. Now take the same sweating you had going while working out but you are sleeping, or trying to, and welcome to the world of night sweats.

The reasons that cause night sweats and hot flashes are varied. Here are several reasons or causes: menopause, medications, various diseases, stress, diet, humid weather, too hot a bedroom, too many blankets, or just a high internal thermostat. So with all these reasons or causes affecting so many women, I can only imagine the hilarious stories around night sweats and hot flashes that need to be shared. A shared laugh with a sense of humor is the only way I know to get through this sweaty condition. So if you want to share your story, you may win a Haralee.Com item of your choice. Send us your story to Entry must be submitted by March 1, 2010. Winner will be announced by March 22, 2010. The winner agrees to have their story published on our blog with your first name, or initials only. Pictures are welcome.

Here is one of my stories: I just got out of a business meeting and met my sister for lunch. She told me I needed to freshen up in the restroom. Yes, one eyebrow was heading south down my check and my lipstick from my lower lip was creasing my chin. Not a pretty site and of course I wondered how long I looked like this while I was giving a presentation? All my sister and I could do was laugh. Have some fun and share a laugh!