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The Power of 45,000 People Together for a Single Cause
September 23, 2008

This week-end was Race for the Cure here in Portland, Oregon. The weather threatened cool temperatures and rain. As it turned out it was a perfect day for a race, cool but not cold, and no rain!


45,000 people came out to run or walk for a single cause, A Cure for Breast Cancer.

45,000 people paid a minimum of $25.00 to show their support.

45,000 people gave up their Sunday morning to show their support.

45,000 people put aside their personal inconveniences to show their support for this single cause.

45,000 people understood that each one of us can help find a cure for breast cancer.

45,000 people held a collective hope; a hope for a cure.


More than 45,000 people, who could not attend, showed their support with a donation.

Susan G Komen for the Cure of Oregon and Southwest Washington goal of $3 million dollars raised is a reality.


I am so very fortunate to have a core of people in ‘Team Haralee’ who make the event a high priority in their busy lives. They support with their friendship, their love and their wallet. Those who race for the cure and those who donate for the cure on my behalf, I am lucky to have them as part of my team and a part of my life. Thank-you!


A Pee-spective of Your Health
September 16, 2008

The poor step child to blood and tissue for diagnosis, urine, may be on a come back in medical diagnosis. No less than the Harvard School of Public Health has written about a study published in a page turner issue of Cancer Epidemiology, titled Biomarkers and Prevention, May 2008.



Let me give you the snapshot of snapshots of the study:

Some day in the hopefully not so distant future, doctors will be able to use a urine test to detect breast cancer.


If you did not hear the Angel Choir you may not be in the Cancer Community or in the medical health fields.

NO invasive tests, multiple blood draws, or surgeries for tissue samples, just Pee!


My company, donates to breast cancer research, and hopefully this kind of research will benefit from our donations. Menopausal women, busy women, all women, we usually don’t have a problem supplying a specimen. If that sample takes the place of other tests, I hear a collective “Wow”!



Urine testing has come a long way. This is an exciting prospect of where it may go. Not only diagnosis, but genetic predispositions may be around the next corner. Giving a urine sample, or peeing on a stick is the least stressful, least invasive, harmless procedure in the arsenal of diagnosing a disease. Indeed, urine may be getting the long sought respect it warrants!



Don’t Sweat the Night Sweats
September 10, 2008

When I started my business 4 years ago,, I received many questions doubting the abilities of the fabric to work as promised. “The fabric transports the perspiration (night sweats) away from the body where it quickly evaporates.” This means you stay dry and comfortable while getting a good night sleep.


I am happy to say that I no longer get those doubting questions. Women are aware of the abilities of these moisture wicking fabrics. Who hasn’t seen athletes from tennis stars like the Williams sisters to soccer great David Beckham drenched in sweat and still comfortably win their matches?


Not to brag too much but; my sample maker also made the LA Galaxy uniform sample for David Beckham!!


Customers have told me that they want all their clothes to work for them, not just their sleepwear wardrobe. With that in mind I introduced my LifeStyle Shirts, taking the performance of our sleepwear into day wear. Stay dry through hot flashes as well as night sweats. Make all your clothing work as hard as you!


Recipe Contests and Other Marketing Tools
September 3, 2008

Like many people I read recipes. My favorite recipes to read are the contest winning ones. I even go to the State Fair every year just to look at the prize winning cakes, breads, pies and cookies. I entered a couple of times, but that is another story.


I recently read a recipe from a potato chip company that had to be the worst recipe I ever read. It was so bad that I emailed the company and told them it was a waste of good ingredients, including the required potato chips. The PR person from the company replied and said it was a contest winner!


I understand the marketing reasons why companies hold contests. Extra revenues, good PR, free media attention, it all makes good business sense. I even ran a naming contest for a new night gown last year.

Contests can be fun but with recipe contests, some one has to taste it, and doesn’t it have to taste good?


Have you ever read a “winning” recipe that you just knew was not a winner? Share here please. Tell me I am not the only one.