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Menopause Madness and The Pillsbury Bake Off
April 28, 2009

Call it a Menopausal madness moment, but I thought I should enter the Brownie Biscookie BarsPillsbury Bake Off. This, as it turns out, has not been my most astute commitment. I just got swept up in the excitement of the $1,000,000.00 prize that in 2008 went to the recipe for a peanut butter cookie. Let me say this again, A Peanut Butter Cookie, worth a $1,000,000.00! As in many cooking contests, you must use their ingredients, follow their rules, and make an original recipe. Doesn’t sound too difficult right? This is Pillsbury with a zillion products to concoct a tasty innovative delicious recipe. I mean for the Pete’s sake, a peanut butter cookie won! Three weeks later and my family, friends and co-workers are pleading with me to stop trying to develop a new recipe. They don’t want to taste test anymore. Keep in mind these are recipes that actually made it to the tasting phase. I had several attempts that went right into the garbage. I have honed in on what I think is the winner. $1,000,000.00 will be mine in 2010. That’s right; the PBO is just every other year. This process has given me great respect for recipe developers. I know now why they spit out after they taste test, it can be fattening. A million dollars takes work and effort and some spitting too. Look for Brownie Biscookie in 2010 by the menopausal mad woman!


The Power of the Brain
April 20, 2009

Cognitive Functions of the brain affected by breast cancer. Survivors and non survivors welcome to participate in this study.

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The Power of the Brain
April 20, 2009

Susan Love’s Army of Women, has posted a Call to Action for women in the San Francisco, Stanford University area to participate in a new study. This study looks at the brain and cognitive function of breast cancer survivors and non survivors.


I am fascinated with the brain, and any studies concerning the brain pique my interest. In this study a MRI will measure brain function and brain structure. Breast cancer and its treatments can cause some temporary and long lasting problems related to memory, attention and problem solving.

In the last few years a condition called ‘Chemo Brain’ has been finally accepted as a side effect to chemotherapy. I would explain Chemo Brain but I am still a bit fuzzy on the subject.


If you have ever seen MRI, PET and CT scans of the brain from different population groups, you know the brain is truly incredible. Any study that looks at the brain functions with the objective to be helpful for survivors with cognitive function is a study worth every dollar, time and effort. If you know any women in the Northern California area, let them know how they can make a difference and also help their own brain function.

The Demise of a Morning Tradition
April 13, 2009

The daily paperI love reading the morning paper with my coffee and breakfast. Lately I find myself looking for more in my paper. More paper that is. When I pick up the paper in my driveway it feels lighter and lighter. Even the Sunday paper is light weight. I want more paper to sustain my 2 cup of coffee breakfast. I pine for the days when it would take me 3-4 hours of a Sunday morning to read and go through the paper.


Many people have stopped taking the paper. They may not even pick up a Sunday paper. We all know the reasons; 24 hour TV News, Internet news, Paper on line for free, the expense, etc.


I feel out of touch in the morning if with my coffee, and that is a deal breaker, I don’t have a paper to read. I like the food day sections, the front page news, the metro news, the comics and horoscope. I especially like the headlines and the pictures. Sure sometimes the news is not new by the time I read it in the morning, but what about the local commentaries, and opinions?


The obituaries and the bridal sections can give you a real flavor of the community. My paper now charges for wedding announcements and pictures in the obituaries, so those sections are thinning out too. The store supplement pages and free standing inserts are my favorites. I would not even know about some products if I didn’t see a coupon for it in my paper. I might be just having a menopausal rant, but I don’t want to see the morning paper ritual die!