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I had a Gong Bath
August 20, 2012


If you have never heard of a gong bath, it is time. No clothes are removed, no water is entered but relaxation is the end result!


It is said to be a ‘sound meditation experience’. I am a very restless person so even yoga is tough for me to relax, I am usually making a to do list or grocery list. At the gong bath the sounds so encompassed me that no lists were popping up in my mind!

You lie on the floor in a dark room. Blankets and pillows are either provided or you bring your own which is what we did. The sounds of the gong have many tones. The sounds get louder and louder so that the waves of the sound wash over you as you repose.


Some people experience colors behind their closed eyes, a feeling of lightness from their bodies or a feeling of total peace and rejuvenation.  I felt relaxed! Gong baths are available monthly in some areas, monthly meditation circle gong baths.


I would certainly do it again.

Have you ever tried a gong bath or another alternative relaxation/meditative group?