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Gardening Woes
June 30, 2014

I love to garden and truly miss it during the winter. Our fruits and vegetable gardens have been spectacular the last couple of years. Last year we had 13 tomato plants that yielded over 225 pounds of tomatoes. We were busy harvesting and making sauce and paste through October.

All was looking good for 2014 in the garden. Tomatoes, peppers and eggplants were in cages, green beans were running up poles, and corn was on schedule to be knee high for Fourth of July. Then Nature hit!

We got 20 minutes of hail on June 16th. In January we don’t get 20 minutes of hail! This hail came down in sheets. It was big, it was cold and the temperature dropped 15 degrees so it actually accumulated on the ground. (more…)


10 Soups for the Dentally Impaired
June 23, 2014


I have been struggling with a retreat of a root canal. What you say? Let’s just say that I had a new long-term relationship with my endodontic dentist who finally declared the tooth terminal. He passed me to an Oral surgeon for an extraction of the offending tooth. Subsequently I have not been able to chew well for a couple of months. Thus soup making.

I made more than 10 different soups that are soft to eat. No stews or chunky soups. Slurping up was progress for my mouth. Now I have gone back and remade the best soups and refined them. My husband has been onboard with this dinner theme making a few recipes to add to our collection.


Learning Sewing Fundamentals
June 17, 2014

Every business has their own terminology. In my business when we are designing and making prototypes before we go into production of a style we speak in sewing terms.

My husband didn’t know the jargon associated with the sewing industry. He is great working with our manufacturer but some of the questions had him confused. He decided to enroll in a beginning sewing class.

His first project was a pillowcase. His second project was a removable decorative pillow with a zipper. He was feeling confident and added a braided fringe. It is now a favorite napping pillow for our cats.


The class was not reminiscent of sewing classes from Junior High School because everyone wanted to be there. My husband’s goal was to learn basics and more importantly terminology. All the adult students wanted to learn, refresh or hone their sewing skills. Many never even had sewing classes in school.


I loved sewing in junior and senior high schools. At that time I sewed many of my outfits and lots of my party, fancy clothes. I stopped sewing clothes around 1980 when clothing at stores became inexpensive and I didn’t have the time to devote to it. I, however, never lost my interest or the knowledge I learned way back when!Image

My husband had shop class in junior and senior high school. He is very handy. How things change! Home Economics and shop are no longer taught in school. I have taught many friends how to hem clothing and sew buttons. Likewise my husband has taught some neighbors a few home maintenance tricks. Now he can add to his Renaissance Man persona, sewing knowledge.

Have you ever taken a class just for the practical aspects? I think there should be restaurant Spanish classes for restaurant workers, or medical terminology classes for chronic care patients. Of course clothing repair and hemming would be a great class for adults too. Would you benefit from such classes?

It is the Wedding, Second or Third Time Season
June 10, 2014

I really love a wedding. I really really do.
I love the romance, the excitement, the optimism, the spectacle and the party. I wish all the best to everyone who marries.

That said, here are my new rules:
If it is your second or third wedding and I was there for the first, or the second wedding don’t invite me!
If I was at your first or second wedding do not ask me for a gift/charity contribution!

Didn’t I give you a present for your last wedding, and your last wedding shower?
Am I being too harsh?Image (more…)

All Fillings Grow Up to Become Crowns
June 2, 2014

This is a tip that I want to share that my dentist told me over 30 years ago. As you age so do your teeth, your fillings in your mouth don’t last forever. All fillings will grow up to become crowns. Thinking about not taking out dental insurance? Think again! (more…)