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The Thrill of Volunteering
January 20, 2009

Is it the new administration? Is it the poor economy and unemployment increases? What ever it is, volunteerism is a great thing to do. If you feel you have more time on your hands than usual and want to get involved there are a slew of agencies ready to use your skills. Don’t just think of your kids’ school or your church or synagogue, although these are great outlets, think beyond this comfort zone.


I took the plunge this past summer to sit on the board of a charity. http//:www.clarajeanfoundation.orgclara-jean-foundation-logo1.  This is a non profit holistic approach to breast cancer. CJF acts as a resource for women going through breast cancer seeking alternative medicine and care. I have to say it is wonderful. The board members are people with other jobs and families who are making time in their lives for this worthwhile cause. I am exhilarated by their commitment and eagerness.


Shipping Shelby has caught the volunteer bug and is delivering meals on wheels once a week. He really is great with the elderly and it is a natural outlet for him. On his way to ship out our Haralee.Com orders he can do his volunteer job too.


I am chairing the fund raising efforts for the Clara Jean Foundation. Two events that have been great fund raisers are a walk with a health expo in May, and a golf tournament and auction in October. I am looking for ideas to expand on these successes and to procure more donations. Writing grants is possible, but I have never written a grant in my life so any ideas would be helpful! At Clara Jean we are looking for new committee members too. Please send your ideas to:


Attention Menopausal Women: HRT and Breast Cancer Link
January 13, 2009

New analysis from this 5 year old study is making news according to the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.


 Taking HRT, estrogen and progesterone pills, increases the chance of breast cancer.


 The good news of the analysis is that if you stop taking HRT, your chance for breast cancer decreases!

So like life, no guarantees, and the final choice is yours. Only you know how your menopausal symptoms are affecting your life. Know the risk, understand the treatment and make your own informed decision.


To take a proactive stand, take a look at the army of women. www.armyofwomen.orgmatisse-woman-with-a-hat.

Dr. Susan Love research foundation and Avon enlist ALL women, healthy women too, willing to become research participants, to help find causes of breast cancer.

Wear Your Heart on Your License
January 7, 2009

As we age or watch our parents age, various subjects come to mind. One such thought is becoming an organ donor? I know it sounds morbid and may have some religious barriers to overcome, but read on.


Last year a friend’s adult nephew had a heart transplant. While recouping he met a woman who also received a new heart. The commonality led to friendship and romance. This Christmas they were able to spend it together as a healthy loving couple.


A friend’s teenage son was tragically killed in a car accident. They decided to donate his organs. They were asked if they wanted to know the recipients. About 2 years later they agreed. The woman who received his heart was very excited to thank them if not in person, via mail or email. They agreed to email and soon a beautiful letter with a picture of a vibrant healthy woman in her 40’s came into their inbox. Also was a picture of the same woman looking 15-20 years older, prior to her new heart.


This woman started swimming after her transplant and the exercise revitalized her body and spirit. She felt a new affinity to swimming and wanted to know if their son was a swimmer. Yes, he liked to swim but as far as they knew it wasn’t his favorite sport. They started looking through old pictures and it did seem he was in a pool or the ocean or a lake in pictures from every vacation. Who knows?


On my drivers license under ‘restrictions’, along with ‘corrective lenses’ it also says ‘anatomical donor’.



Organs that can be donated are: heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and others.

Tissues that can be donated include: skin, corneas, heart valves, tendons and others. Cells donated now are showing some great research with cancer. Are you ready to become a donor?