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Shopping is a Good Thing Again
November 29, 2009

 According to author Lee Eisenberg and his new book Shoptism, shopping is good again. Did you see his story in Parade Magazine? Just in time for the Holiday season, I am thrilled with Lee because he indorses the cost per wear formula and the ‘transform’ ourselves theory.

How many times have we all moaned about an expensive outfit we bought for a special occasion and only wore it once or twice and it is sitting in our closet going out of fashion by the hour? How many times have we looked at pictures of ourselves in said outfit and become bewildered that the transformation we were striving for was missed?

Let’s examine another example. How many days to you go to sleep? Usually that is everyday. So the sleepwear, nightgown or pajamas you wear, you wear everyday. How many times do you wear the same nightgown or pajamas because it is soft, comfortable, and makes you feel good? Would that be every night too?

How often have you put the buying of gifts for family members ahead of yourselves? How many times have you told family and friends that you don’t need anything for the holidays this year knowing they are still going to buy you something? Why not make this year different. Why not use Lee Eisenberg’s recommendations and buy and ask for what you want and need, a good night rest! Moisture wicking sleepwear can help.

Haralee.Com sleepwear offers soft, comfortable, beautiful, sexy, attractive and affordable sleepwear for all women. You deserve a good night sleep. Yes this is a bit self promoting but you also learned about an interesting author his latest book and a cost per wear formula! Shop today for a cooler tomorrow.


The Debate About Leftovers
November 23, 2009

Talking about leftovers is a worthwhile discussion. You can find out a great deal about some one when you uncover their attitude concerning leftovers. There are not just 2 camps like one would think; those that eat them and those that do not. There is a third group made up of those that mean to eat them but never do.

From anecdotal observations, the leftover debate is not one divided by gender, age, education or sophisticated palette. Income or lack there of, can be a swaying factor for those who would normally reside in the I don’t eat leftovers camp. For those who eat leftovers, the debate can be fine tuned to how many times to eat the same meal. Is once enough or are you good for as many as it takes to finish it off? For those who do not eat leftovers are there ever exceptions like Thanksgiving dinner? For those who have eating leftovers good intentions, how long do they stay in your refrigerator at home or at work before you toss them? For all camps the question comes up about reusing the leftovers into another meal. For example, leftover roasted chicken becomes chicken burritos the next day. The third day the same roasted chicken becomes chicken salad. Is this a violation of the ‘I don’t eat leftovers’ camp doctrine? Do only ‘I eat leftovers’ users make use of the leftovers?

Are the ‘I don’t eat leftovers’ people better or worse money managers?

Are the ‘I eat leftovers’ people more responsible or lazy?

Are the ‘I meant to eat the leftovers’ people greedy or thrifty?

Am I full of it or am I just full? Thanksgiving is coming!

Girlfriends’ Guide to Menopause
November 16, 2009

 How many times have friends complained about some symptoms and when Friendsyou mention that it could be menopause you are told, “But I am TOO YOUNG!”??? If you are a good friend you reassure them that it is “Just” menopause. If you are a bad friend you go along with them and stay of the banks of the river Da Nile. Sometimes being a good friend is not well received and it is easier to just be a bad friend, but don’t go to that dark side, stay true to your friends and lead them down the road of menopause.

 Here are the top 10 signs that you are in menopause:

 1. Night sweats. Clammy, sticky, hot then cold waking night sweats 

2. Sleeplessness. You fall asleep but then at 2 AM you are awake, or you don’t fall asleep until 2 AM.

3. IBB. Itty Bitty Bladder. You can not sleep through the night with-out visiting the bathroom around 2 AM. See number 2.

4. Hot Flashes or Hot Surges or Hot Flushes during the day, not just under stress. You haven’t worn a turtle neck in over a year.

5. Irritability. No one can do anything fast enough, slow enough, good enough, or just enough.

6. Mood Swings. Lifetime channel makes you cry and then mad then angry then happy.

7. Trying to Help Everyone. Note that Wonder Woman was young, not in her late 40’s or early to mid 50’s.

8. Menopooch. This is not a dog. This is you tummy that no matter how many kick boxing, Pilates classes you take there is a tiny meno bump.

9. Thinning Hair. Your hair dresser is lying when he/she says everyone looses clumps of hair in the shower, and on their hair brush everyday.

10. Memory Loss. This is a reassuring list. It’s not just you. Too bad you won’t remember to tell your friends, so forward it now before you forget!

Where the Deer and the Antelope are Eaten
November 9, 2009

I have a neighbor who hunts as a hobby. He is a vegetarian because of health concerns. He hunts and gives us his bounty. He is a very meticulous person a very good hunter, and a great neighbor. Vegetarians and members of PETA stop reading this blog, it is not for you. Those of us who eat meat and fish, you may continue to read this blog. antelope

The first time he brought us an antelope the kitchen ended up looking like a horror film. My adorable apron ended up looking like evidence from a murder scene. This year we were prepared for his successful hunt and implemented an efficient cut and wrap operation. Antelope meat is lean and delicious. It is wild so I don’t know what it eats but not intentional antibiotics and hormone feed. It tastes like lean beef. It does not taste like chicken.

Last year he came to our door and asked if we were sick of salmon? That would be no, to fresh wild salmon from the Pacific Ocean. Dungeness Crab? Yes he goes crabbing and shares with us after he cooks and cleans them. I did mention that he is great at his hobby. Antelope, fresh wild salmon, and Dungeness crab are delicious exotic and expensive foods. I am so lucky to have a neighbor that keeps my family in food for months. He can pursue his hobby and know it is well appreciated. How many other hobbyists can say the same? Another bird house from Cousin Fred? Another knitted toilet paper cover from Aunty Min?