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The Toughest Breast Cancer Survivor Dies
June 29, 2009

Can you imagine performing a biopsy on your self? What about diagnosing Dr. Jerri Nielsenyour self with breast cancer? Can you grasp what it must have been like to watch your tumor grow and not be able to get treatments? Dr. Jerri Nielsen lived through this as a physician at the South Pole, but passed away recently from breast cancer 10 years after she diagnosed herself.

You may have read her book that documented her ordeal, “Ice Bound: A Doctor’s Incredible Battle for Survival at the South Pole”. Or you may have seen the CBS Movie starring the fantastic Susan Sarandon.  She was an adventurous woman working at a remote scientific station at the South Pole at age 47 in 1999.

When people die from cancer their obituaries or eulogies often state that they fought bravely against the disease. Dr. Jerri was the extreme fighter against the disease. Not many will have to go to the extremes she endured.

The breast cancer community mourns the loss of the toughest survivor ever, Dr. Jerri Nielsen-Fitzgerald.


Mouseopause can help world hunger
June 22, 2009

 From the files of odd science comes news about a benefit from menopause. No Minnie mouse is not in menopause and her voice has come down a notch, although she is old enough. This mouseopause is accelerated menopause in mice to render them infertile and keep their population down.

Before anyone cries about killing mice, rodents are not really killed. Their life span by induced menopause reduces the rodent population. Rodents can eat or damage 50% of pre-harvest rice crops. To countries that depend on rice as a staple food supply this is devastating.

Scientist Loretta Mayer from Northern Arizona University has developed this nontoxic environmentally neutral approach. If the rodent population can be reduced and rice production was to increase by 10%, “this could feed about 380 million people a year,” says Loretta. A side note: Loretta is age appropriate to understand the complexities of menopause, and coined the word mouseopause.

It is a great discovery that the world can benefit from the science of Not Minnie Mousemenopause. Researchers were initially looking at potential damage to women exposed to certain chemicals. Chemicals involved with manufacturing rubber tires, polyester and plastics in nontoxic doses turned out to be the key to mouseopause. Who would have thought that a discovery with menopause could help with world hunger!

Bone Loss, Osteoporosis and Periodontitis
June 15, 2009

periodontitisEveryone or almost everyone knows that menopause can cause bone loss which can lead to osteoporosis. Some people, women in particular who are slim, small boned, Caucasian and blue eyed may be more prone to osteoporosis. Chemotherapy is notorious for causing bone loss as a side effect.

What many people don’t know about is the relationship between bone loss and periodontitis. Dentists have recognized this for years. They haven’t been keeping it a secret at all. In fact according to the ‘American Academy of Periodontology’ mild to moderate periodontitis affects a majority of adults. Overtime infection can cause inflammation in the bone causing it to erode and undermine the attachment of teeth. In other words your smile starts to look rather wobbly and your teeth could fall out. More reason not to miss a visit to the Dentist.

Dr. Wang of UCLA is doing some great molecular science with finding ways to nudge cells to make new bones. In a paper in the on-line edition of the Journal of ‘Nature Medicine’, the dental and medical communities involved in bone loss are calling this a “landmark paper”.

We can do weight bearing exercise for our body’s bones, but what about the bones in mouth? Dr. Wang is giving hope for the millions who struggle with osteoporosis and periodontitis every day. Look Mom no Periodontitis!

Summer Fashion Tips for the Heat Challenged Woman
June 9, 2009

cool, pretty summer shoe ideaSummer is here and with the economy and energy conscious measures, it means a very hot summer for many. Women who are having hot flashes are already challenged from the heat. They are having their own personal summer everyday, no need to exasperate it with 80º temperatures and humidity. The question to be answered is how to stay cool, and look cool while at work or play. Here are my suggestions:

 Tip #1: Get a good night sleep. Invest in a moisture wicking sleepwear wardrobe. You are not going to be fresh in the morning if you are sleep deprived from waking up several times during the night in a puddle and have to change your pajamas, nightgown, pillowcase or sheets. Buy more than one piece so you can do laundry. I recommend

Tip #2: Wear sleeveless. Forget about your arms not being toned or tanned. This is summer! Have a sweater or jacket that you can easily slip on when needing to appear professional, but take that baby off when ever possible. Spray tan your arms and legs or use tanning creams available every where.

Tip #3: Drink iced drinks only. Keep some cool water at your ready at all times. If you start going into a flash, gently press an ice cube at the back of your neck. As tempting as it seems, do not put an ice cube into your bra. The melting may cause a water spot on your sleeveless top.

Tip #4: Wear open toed shoes if your company allows it. Sandals are even better if you can get away with it. Do not wear hose. Younger women never wear hose so stay cool and ditch the hosiery for the summer.

Tip #5: Do not wear any clothes that are tight or snug. Look for tops made from moisture wicking fabric. This doesn’t mean you have to go all baggy. Loose fitting clothes just don’t stick to your body as easily as the snug or tight clothes.

Tip #6: Entertain going commando. Don’t loose the bra (invest in a moisture wicking bra) unless you have perky implants, but do you really need another layer under your trousers or skirt?

Good luck staying cool.

Cancer Survivor Day is June 7th, 2009
June 2, 2009

Survivorship comes in many forms. Surviving the loss of a loved one, a parent, a spouse, a child, a friend, a beloved pet, or an accident, a divorce, or an illness are all a part of life.

Survivorship can in retrospect have some laughable moments; your wedding, your child’s wedding, adolescence, family reunions, a conference, a vacation from hell, or menopause. These temporary survival situations are the fibers that make up our lives.

Those in the cancer community know how dear and elusive survival is from this disease. Cancer comes in many forms, many with-out a cure. A day acknowledging those who have survived cancer is a good day for this population group. Happy Cancer Survivor Day!