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Change in Season, Same Hot Flashes/Night Sweats
November 9, 2014

Fall Colors

I love fall. The brisk air, the foliage, the anticipation of Holidays.

With the change in weather is the change in wardrobe. Out come coats and sweaters, or do they?

I detected a whine in the voice of my husband the other morning when he said, “Can we turn on some heat please?” Heat? Really is it time to turn the heat on? I noticed he was wearing fleece. When did he stop wearing shorts?

Certainly when the heat is turned on and the rains have started, I need to get out my winter wardrobe. I used to have 2 sets of clothing, one for summer and one for winter. Since menopause, I notice I have one set of clothing with some sandals or a few sweaters.

One set of clothes for all seasons? I could be living in Hawaii! I don’t! Damn you menopause!!

With the change of the seasons and the heat is turned on and it is cool outside then warms up or it rains and then stops, it is hard for anyone to regulate their body temperature. For the menopausal, the hot flashes and night sweats are just having a hey day and night!

Is it hot in here? I know it isn’t just me! Do you have one all weather wardrobe?


My New Wallet Buying Journey
May 8, 2014

My New Wallet Buying Journey.

Clothing Prices on the Increase
February 22, 2011

 It has been reported that we will see a 10% increase in clothing costs by the end of 2011. Going and soon to be gone are the retails we have come to expect and love. Sales at 65% off might become history. Cotton cost has doubled. It is the highest cost since the Civil War. Oh Scarlett what are we to do?

Some of the reasons for the increase are:

World economy is doing better so demand is rising

 Surge in labor costs

Surge in Raw materials

World- wide bad weather

Restrictions on exports

Chinese factories that shut down because of the recession are still not back up to capacity

What actions can we take before we are fashioning the drapes into clothes? Buy made in the USA is always a good choice. Budget your clothing allowance to functional, classic fashion. Quality lasts longer. Clothing does not have to be quantity but quality. Use your buying power to make purchases from stores that support your values.

As a small manufacturer, we have absorbed some raw goods costs increases with-out passing it on to our customers. Since we have our products made in the USA, our labor costs are supportive to the US economy and sustain a living wage. Our fabric is already very expensive, but we won’t compromise the quality on an inferior material. Other companies are moving production to cheaper countries and cheaper materials. Sooner than later the cost will be passed on to the consumer. Buying habits from this recession can still be applied with a 10% price increase with style.

How will the increase in clothing costs affect you? Will you change your buying habits?

Tie One On for the Giving Season
November 9, 2010

National Tie One on Day, an apron of course, is November 24, 2010. EllynAnne Geisel of Apron Memories,, started this giving day tradition the day before Thanksgiving five years ago. She encourages embracing a “giving opportunity that has nothing to do with shopping or even getting into a car, but everything to do with our recognition of gratefulness and our ability to give to someone in need of spiritual or physical sustenance.”

EllynAnne goes on to say “Women clad in aprons have traditionally prepared the Thanksgiving meal and it is with in our historical linkage to share our bounty”

This year Haralee.Com is a sponsor for Tie One On Day.

EllynAnne has become the patron saint of the Apron.

She writes about aprons, exhibits aprons, and sews and sells aprons on her web site. Her aprons have become famous with the Desperate Housewives character Bree wearing one, to the recent article in the upcoming AARP magazine.

When I came across the Apron Memories site I was infatuated. My very first sewing project was an apron, and I have loved them and sewing ever since. Just this year for my birthday two friends separately gave me aprons! After I read about EllynAnne’s ‘Tie One On Day’ I knew I had to get the word out. Join me and other apron wearing women spreading thanks the day before Thanksgiving.

10 Cool Tips for Staying Cool This Summer
June 22, 2010

If you are inwardly, silently cringing at another day of warm sunny weather because you are having hot flashes day and night, you are not alone. Here is my tip list to keep your cool and still look great.

  1. 1. Sandals

Keep your feet exposed to the open air to keep cool. Can’t wear sandals for work because of some health issue?  Try wearing open toe or peek-a-boo toe shoes and absolutely no hose or socks.

2. Sleeveless Tops, Blouses or Dresses

You may think your arms are not what they once were but really, no one would be looking at your arms if sweat is pouring down your face if you wear sleeves.*

3. Wicking Clothing

Seek out tops and short and pants for casual wear that wick away the moisture so you can stay dry. *

4. Portable Fans

Do not overlook the chance to quickly cool down with a small quiet fan strategically placed on your desk, in your bathroom or on your nightstand.

5. Underwear

Wicking bras and panties are in investment in coolness.

6. Iced Beverages

They can cool you down and you can use the ice cubes down your bra, or your pants.

7. Hats

Hats are very fashionable.  Wear a big brim hat while outside. It will shade your face and shoulders while you end up looking very cool.

8. Scarves

This year scarves have been a great fashion accessory. Put them away for the summer.

9. Hair

If you have shoulder length hair, put it up into some fun styles. If you have short hair, shorten up the back or go for an asymmetrical look for the summer.

10.  Sleepwear

Invest in wicking sleepwear for a cooler tomorrow. If you are sleep deprived because it is just too hot to sleep, summer can drag on for what will seem like forever.*

The Demise of the Flannel Nightgown for the Menopausal Woman
April 26, 2010

Are you a woman in your 40s, 50’s or 60’s and have a drawer stuffed with flannel nightgowns? Have you been the recipient of a Lanz flannel nightgown over the years? Have you worn a flannel nightgown in the last decade? Are you fighting with yourself about giving away the flannel nightgowns?

Let me be your flannel nightgown coach. Give those ruffled, high neck, floor length flannel nightgowns to your favorite charity. Throw them in the wash because we all know they have been in your drawer for years. Now think about the teenager who will enjoy this almost new cozy nightgown! No one will know.

Even if your kids ask about that gown they gave you last decade, it is time to enlighten them, Mom is hot. Stop the Lanz or LL Bean matching nightgown buying phase before it is too late! Picture your beloved daughter and your fist grandchild and you opening a present and there it is the matching nightgowns! Do you have a Christmas picture of yourself and your daughter in matching sleepwear? That was fine then. Let your daughter now have the picture herself but leave you out. Who wants to look back on what should be a beautiful picture and see sweat pouring down Grandma’s face!

Whether you admit it or not, you have a sleepwear wardrobe. It should consist of wicking sleepwear that keeps you cool, travels well, looks great and feels wonderful. If your drawer of sleepwear is full of old flannel nightgowns, or pajamas that you never wear, it is time to clean out and shop. Lanz nightgowns were fun memories, let’s move on. Haralee.Com can help.

Enjoy this video about the Lanz nightgown from Lee Woodruff. “Ladies who Lanz”. From her book, ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ http://

Summer Fashion Tips for the Heat Challenged Woman
June 9, 2009

cool, pretty summer shoe ideaSummer is here and with the economy and energy conscious measures, it means a very hot summer for many. Women who are having hot flashes are already challenged from the heat. They are having their own personal summer everyday, no need to exasperate it with 80º temperatures and humidity. The question to be answered is how to stay cool, and look cool while at work or play. Here are my suggestions:

 Tip #1: Get a good night sleep. Invest in a moisture wicking sleepwear wardrobe. You are not going to be fresh in the morning if you are sleep deprived from waking up several times during the night in a puddle and have to change your pajamas, nightgown, pillowcase or sheets. Buy more than one piece so you can do laundry. I recommend

Tip #2: Wear sleeveless. Forget about your arms not being toned or tanned. This is summer! Have a sweater or jacket that you can easily slip on when needing to appear professional, but take that baby off when ever possible. Spray tan your arms and legs or use tanning creams available every where.

Tip #3: Drink iced drinks only. Keep some cool water at your ready at all times. If you start going into a flash, gently press an ice cube at the back of your neck. As tempting as it seems, do not put an ice cube into your bra. The melting may cause a water spot on your sleeveless top.

Tip #4: Wear open toed shoes if your company allows it. Sandals are even better if you can get away with it. Do not wear hose. Younger women never wear hose so stay cool and ditch the hosiery for the summer.

Tip #5: Do not wear any clothes that are tight or snug. Look for tops made from moisture wicking fabric. This doesn’t mean you have to go all baggy. Loose fitting clothes just don’t stick to your body as easily as the snug or tight clothes.

Tip #6: Entertain going commando. Don’t loose the bra (invest in a moisture wicking bra) unless you have perky implants, but do you really need another layer under your trousers or skirt?

Good luck staying cool.

Michelle Obama as a Role Model
March 24, 2009


The First Lady of the USA

The First Lady of the USA

I like Michelle Obama. She comes across, smart, savvy, grounded, a sense of humor, and very connected to her role in history. She has an athletic sense of style. That style is a great role model for women of all ages. Then there is the subject of Michelle’s arms. A lot has been said and written about her athletic, toned arms that she shows by wearing sleeveless. I think it is great that she shows off her arms while being comfortable under hot lights and nervous situations. Isn’t it about time that as a country we can say to all women, take off your jacket or sweater, your sweat shirt or suit coat and be cool! As menopausal women in the work force, let’s take the cue from the First Lady and show off our arms, toned or bat wings, in the name of democracy and coolness.

You don’t see Michelle showing a lot of cleavage, or looking matronly. I really like the no cleavage look. Too many celebrities show way too much bosom to be considered role models. Other women in the public eye go to the fashion extreme and look too drab in dark colors and tailored styles. Michelle wears dresses! In the last few years, trying to find a dress (age appropriate) at let’s say Nordstrom has been equivalent to going on a treasure hunt. I am hoping Michelle Obama brings back the popularity of the dress, with sleeves or not, as her husband brings back the economy so we can all afford to buy one . This is the ‘official’ picture of our first lady, Michelle Obama.

Menopause Barbie
March 9, 2009

The Barbie Doll turns 50.

2009 is turning into an interesting year, full of milestones. One of these milestones is The Barbie Doll will be 50 years old. Ken, Barbie’s long term boyfriend is only 48. Who knew that Barbie liked younger guys?

Actually Barbie and Ken were named after the children of Mattel founder Ruth Handler.

When Ruth and her husband introduced Barbie at the International Toy Show in 1959, toy stores were not excited. Consumers loved Barbie and as they say, the rest is history.


Ruth was 42 when she introduced this controversial doll, a doll with breasts. Another first for Mattel, with Ruth at the helm, was to buy 52 weeks, 1 year of advertising on the TV show, the Mickey Mouse Club. One year of advertising toys directly to the demographic who could make their wishes known had not been done before. TV itself was in its infancy, but Ruth and her husband Elliot saw the potential.


Ruth Handler who died in 2002 at age 85 was an admirable business woman. She combined business, Motherhood and being a wife in a time when women were not encouraged to work outside of their homes. What genius to name her doll toys after her children. What PR savvy to partner with her husband but confident enough to be the spokesperson for their toy company. At age 51 Ruth introduced Hot Wheels. This toy’s success rivaled Barbie’s for boys. Menopause in the work place didn’t stop Ruth Handler from success, nor does it appear to stop her creation, the Barbie Doll.


This doll could be called ‘Hot Flash Barbie’ or ‘Menopause Barbie at age 50. Looking at her founder, I think Barbie has a great future ahead of her. Mattel, which the Handler family sold in the 70’s, had a bad fourth quarter for 2008. Can the Golden Anniversary Barbie bear the financial pressure for the entire company? She is being sold for $3.00, the same price as 50 years ago. If you look at Barbie from the late 80’s forward, she now smiles. She is feeling confident, she looks great!


Menopausal Eyesight
February 4, 2009

eyeglassesMy menopausal eyes are now 100% in corrective lenses With Bifocals! My eyes are too dry to wear my contacts. They stick to my eyeballs and no amount of drops is helping me get them out easily.

 I get very anxious when I can not remove my contact lenses. I am frustrated with having to whip out my readers to read. I am tired of buying readers by the gross and still have to launch a search only to locate just one pair.

I am sick of squinting at documents to make out what is written. I am fed up with comments about font size directed toward me. I now say what is the point? I just wear my damn glasses!

I see so much clearer with my glasses that it has depressed me. With-out any corrective lenses, my skin looks to have no wrinkles. My make-up looks flawless. My hair appears shiny and lustrous. My house never needs dusting and my floors look clean. I don’t see fingerprints on the kitchen appliances or the computer screens or smudges on the windows.

When I put on my glasses with the bifocals, I see reality. I see wrinkles and some needed blending in my make-up application and the use of additional hair mousse. The house and office that seemed so spotless is another illusion to my corrected vision.

Reality can be an illusion and the secret to the menopausal eyesight blues; No corrective lenses are the way to go for everything to look fabulous. For the 2 of you who don’t need any vision correction, or those who had the Lasik, and still don’t need readers, I say good for you!