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Funny, Touching Summer Reading Suggestions and Yes, about Breast Cancer
July 2, 2008


You are sitting around the pool or on the beach and just want to deepen the escape, the relaxation, and out pops a couple of books about breast cancer.

I know you are saying “What**!#@#*^???”  “Where is my best seller? “Where is my Book Club Book?” Where is my Trashy Novel?”


Sit back and hear me out. ‘Middle Place ’by Kelly Corrigan is a terrific read. It is a memoir. It is touching, funny and but not really very trashy, sorry Kelly. It would make an excellent discussion for book clubs. Yes it talks about breast cancer but also about families and relationships and being a mother, a daughter, a sister and a wife. I have bought this book as a gift not just for other breast cancer survivors but for those also touched by cancer in a parent, as well as just a nice gift. This is the book for summer reading.



My second choice is ‘Cancer Vixen’ by Marisa Acocella Marchetto. This is comic book style, very hip graphic novel. It is a memoir of triumph over blundering mistakes and happy endings. Marisa is so honest about her journey with breast cancer that she makes you laugh at her, and with her. If you have never read a book like this, now is the time. You’ll roll your eyes at her follies and want to hug her with her successes.


So pack one of these books or both and enjoy a lazy day of summer reading.