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New Year Resolutions I Keep
December 31, 2013

If I made a resolution and kept it I naturally want to keep it up. Is it now a habit? I read the book, ‘The Power of Habit” which I loved and I think my resolutions are now indeed habitual. The question then becomes if I continue doing these same things can I count them as a New Year’s resolution?

Here are some of my resolutions that are habitual.

I write down every book I read. I am a library patron so this saves requesting and starting to read only to remember I already read it!

I write down every movie I rent or see, same rational as library books.

I pay all bills at one sitting 7 days before they are due whether writing a check or on line. It may seem depressing but I am done and on time.

I keep the dining table clear, only for eating.

I keep a call schedule. I get busy and suddenly I realize I haven’t spoken with a friend or relative in 3 months!

I set play dates for myself.  Out to lunch, a movie, a hike, or shopping with friends or alone. Sometimes I just need a break!

I clean out my closet at least once if not twice a year and give to charity. I used to move clothes to the play drawer because of stains thinking they were just fine for gardening or cleaning. Then I finally realized I was embarrassed the way I was dressed if I saw some neighbors. Charity shops won’t sell these clothes so why am I wearing them? They now get cut up for rags.

I commit to not let any veggies or fruits go to waste.

I try to exercise daily. I don’t say more because I can cheat with that concept but daily is a goal for me.


What are your resolutions?