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Vacationing at Friends’ or Family Homes
April 12, 2014

Summer means vacations. If you live or have a home in a desirable vacation area it is THAT TIME OF YEAR!

Do you know what I am talking about? Friends and relates may be looking to mooch or crash with you this summer.

Here are my guidelines:

  1. No more than 4 days and 3 nights total.
  2. No pets.
  3. No unknown traveling buddy that comes with.
  4. No use of a car, rentals are available.
  5. If you are taking a red eye home you will be dropped off at 9 PM. Likewise if you are taking a really early flight, there are cabs or public transportation.

Do these guidelines seem strident? I am opening up my house and extending hospitality. I want family and friends to visit but I work. I run a business. Come Thursday and leave Tuesday and we can all have lots of fun. Really we can!

Of course there are exceptions. In my case, my sister has a very small footprint so she can stay longer. Some other guests, 3-4 days is the limit. A weekend is truly enough for some other guests who have large footprints.

Then there are guests who try to force their way, into your home and they are turned back. This becomes awkward but in my experience it is well worth a few minutes of awkwardness and firmness than staying 3 days holed up in your bedroom. Just saying…

So what makes a good houseguest, and what am I talking about large and small footprints? Here is how a guest can have small footprints:

1.They blend in well with your routine.

2. They give you options on what they want to do.

3. They contain their belongings to their room.

4. They help out.

5. They are appreciative of the time spent together.


Here are traits of big footprint guests:

1.They have a routine that you must adjust to. A good example, they run 5 miles every morning and an early start can’t occur until they get their run in.

2. They have no plans but don’t want to do any of your choices.

3. Their shoes, coats and clothes are all over the house.

4. They mistake your home for a B&B.

5. They just want to crash at your house because they can’t afford a ‘real’ vacation.

Have you turned away guests? How have your experiences been?