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New Year’s Resolution: HAVE MY PHONE READY
December 30, 2014

 Emotional Support Turkey

This Holiday season I had several encounters that I wish I had snapped a picture or recorded the conversation.

I seem to attract oddness. I think it is because I am friendly and engage people but ….

#1. Some how a man in line at the post office objected to me not inching forward and kept asking me if I was still in line. He told me he should go to the front of the line, at least in front of me because he was a senior citizen. When my transaction took both clerks away from their counters he went, Postal! Later that day when I bumped into him in the market he pointed at me saying, “You You You!”

I wish I had recorded the conversation and snapped his picture!

#2. I saw a woman entering the grocery store with a big dog. I’m not sure it was wearing a service dog coat. I said “that is a pretty dog”. She replied, “not a dog but a wolf.” Next thing I saw was the wolf/dog taking a poop down one of the aisles.

I wish I had my camera ready!

#3. Also at the grocery store a guy had one of those mobile carts with a dog in the basket. He was checking out in front of me. He told the clerk that the dog is a service dog because she can smell him if his blood sugar drops. The dog was a pug.

I wish I had taken a recording/picture for all my Pug and Puggel friends!

#4. Ten days before Christmas I saw 3 guys dressed up in full Santa suits walking toward me. I smiled because who wouldn’t? One of the Santas stopped and asked me for directions. I asked him if he recognized the irony in the situation?

I wish I had taken a selfie with them!

Do I send off an odd vibe? Do you have your phone ready to snap a photo, video, or record a conversation?


I don’t mean to scoff the viability of service animals but there seems to be a fraudulent trend. This recent article in the New Yorker about emotional support animals, one is a turkey as seen above, well it is hilarious…

And here is a slide show of the “””emotional support animals””””!