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Menopause in Whales
July 28, 2010

A Whale Tale and Not the Low Rise & Thong Intersection Story

Does it seem like the whole world is menopause crazy? Sex in the City2, women on the View? Well now scientists have reported menopause in whales. Gorillas have already been diagnosed in zoos as menopausal so why not whales!

Menopause is a scientific condition and if females of any species live long enough it appears menopause is waiting for them. What tips could we human women offer to the whales? Some of the same tips the zoo keepers give to the gorillas, try and keep cool, and keep your cool.

No one is saying anything about the gender of the South African Whale that tried to hitch a ride on a couple’s yacht last week. The whale is reported to weigh about 40 tons and had been spotted nearby. I think it may have been a menopausal female that just wanted some privacy. Luckily everyone survived the crash.

I would advise, distance with whales. Humans and whales should give each other a wide berth. Whales are big, smart and they can swim faster and deeper than humans. Swimming with the whales, I think is not a good idea! Too many menopausal mammals with-out plenty of cocktails, wine, shrimp or chocolate is not going to end well.


Made in America, Made in the USA
July 20, 2010


When you see the label “Made In the USA” do you think the product is made in a USA prison? Do you think it is made by a company in the USA that is not a prison?

Our company, Haralee.Com, makes a very strong effort to be made in the USA. We believe it is one of our values to sustain the USA economy. Most of our competitors have gone offshore. Their labor costs are less yet they charge the same as us so their profits are greater. I don’t begrudge anyone their business success. I also don’t think there is anything wrong with using prisoners for labor. In most cases it is an earned privilege for the inmates to work at a prison company and restitution can be made from the income so it is a win-win situation.

We chose for our company the commitment to ‘Made In America’ meaning jobs and employment to our neighbors, friends and small companies that are trying to succeed today. We use in country pattern makers, designers, web masters, and hosting companies. We buy all our fabric, labels, notions, and shipping bags from companies based in the USA.

Consumers have a great choice of where they make their purchases. We just want people to buy their wicking garments from us and support the USA economy. One less suffering woman with hot flashes and night sweats means one more dollar staying in the USA.

Welcome to the Sisterhood of Sweat; The Non Scientific Explanation of a Hot Flash/Night Sweat
July 14, 2010

How can you explain what a hot flash or night sweat feels like to someone who has never experienced one?  How can you describe that hot, then freezing cold sensation that wakes you from sleep?  How can you explain the feeling that precedes your forehead sweating and the need to take off some clothes immediately?

 Anyone who has exercised in cold weather and then stopped knows how you can get cold quickly. That damp feeling that makes you even colder, especially if you are not wearing any wicking clothing is very uncomfortable. Now think about those sensations 5-10-20 times a day and at night even while you sleep (or try to).

If you ever came inside from the cold to a very warm room and felt hot and almost faint, that is similar to the feeling on a hot flash onset. What if you are working and you cannot step back out-side or take off your jacket or sweater, but must suffer the heat? That is the sensation of a hot flash that can happen 10-25 times a day

Have you ever experienced a hot summer day when the air conditioning is not adequate, or when shade cannot be found and you end up feeling like you are melting? Welcome to the world of personal summers. Welcome to the sisterhood of sweat.

Success andthe T-Shirt to Prove It!
July 7, 2010

My company is a chapter in a book. Sherry Sexton’s book ‘The T-Shirt to Prove it!’ is on sale at and Haralee.Com is chapter 13! We are all so excited. I am so honored that our company’s chapter is sandwiched between other such successful women entrepreneurs. We are thrilled.

When Sherry interviewed me over a year ago, I was flattered. I would have been happy with a mention but with an entire chapter, I am over the moon. Being an entrepreneur can sometimes be lonely. We are blazing new ground so therefore we have new measurements for success. Today with sherry’s book I feel the warm sensation of success or was that just a hot flash?

In the 25 stories in Sherry’s book there is a thread of happiness and success. 25 women tell their stories on setting out to become entrepreneurs. It is an inspiring read and motivating to all women who are considering the entrepreneurial road.

I am so very proud to be one of the 25 Sherry chose in her first book, ‘The T-Shirt to Prove it!’