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Outsource a Bridesmaid?
April 30, 2012

I recently attended a wedding and I was shocked to see beautiful women in truly ugly bridesmaids dresses. I’ve seen the TV shows, “Say Yes to the Dress”, and “4 Weddings” and thought the trend of ugly bridesmaids dresses was out of style. Either I was making a wrong assumption or this bride was devious. After some conversations with tearful bridesmaids, the answer was a little bit of each. Cue the movie ‘27 Dresses’. Image

The idea to ask your friends or family member to pay for an ugly unflattering dress and tag along to all the pre-bridal events while smiling and paying their own way seems like a recipe for disaster. It is common that friendships collapse or are tarnished by being involved in “the wedding party”.

Here is my solution: Hire a professional bridesmaid. Never heard of this profession? I made it up or so I think. It seems like there is a void in the market. Brides live under a cloud of ‘perfection’. Every bride thinks their wedding will be the best, and every single person they know is as excited about their wedding as they are! They are delusional but who wants to burst their bubble and have a crying, melted down bride on your hands?

Hello wedding planners. In this economy I know there are plenty of unemployed actresses that would be willing to look as ugly or pretty as you want for $100.00 for 4 hours and a dinner. A suggestion to brides from a neutral person, i.e. wedding planner, may be well received. Friendships could be saved as well as a lot of money!

Does this sound crazy? Can you fondly recount all your experiences as a bridesmaid?Image

I know there are many that will say it is an ‘honor’ to stand up for your friend. This is true, but how about when all your vacation time is spent going to weddings and destination weddings, and destination bridal showers and really all the money! As Mother of the Bride, relative of the bride, friend of the bride, budding entrepreneur, think about outsourcing the bridesmaids!


How about a Lactaid Pill with that Ice Cream?
April 18, 2012

An innovative marketing strategy by a local ice cream shop gives customers a lactaid pill if they complain they cannot digest the high fat in their ice cream. I think this is genius! It is creative marketing and problem solving customer service.

ImageIce Cream is one of my favorite foods. I have noticed in the last year that I have joined the ranks of the lactose intolerant when it comes to high fat ice cream. You would think that the problems associated with a certain food would make some one in her right mind not eat it?  Not me. I don’t in all honesty eat ice cream that often but it is my favorite dessert.

I have tried the lactose free ice cream and threw it out. I have tried the reduced fat ice cream and have been unsatisfied. Frozen Yogurt with reduced fat I have enjoyed, and Ben & Jerry make a couple of tasty flavors.

Even with frozen yogurts, I take a lactaid pill, just to be sure. For full fat ice cream I will take 2 pills so I am not miserable later! Yes I know this all sounds like my body is telling me to give up the ice cream, but I choose not to listen.  I have given up all alcohol, and all but a very minuscule amount of chocolate, all fast food, processed meats, all soft drinks, juice and all artificial sweeteners. I have to take charge and say, “No, I won’t give up my ice cream!”

 Are you in a fight with your body over some foods too?Image

My Life as a Movie Extra Actress
April 9, 2012

10 years ago I was busy about 4-8 times a month working as a movie extra actress. I did a lot of “industrials”. I had a great run acting in videos for dental offices, a patient with a toothache, a patient getting a check-up, a patient making an appointment etc.


Flash-forward to 2012 and I just did a bit for a TV series filmed in Portland. There I met up with a woman who I worked with a decade ago on some ‘Lifetime’ movies. In typical movie extra style we reminisced and laughed about the stars, the clothes and the food.


ImageThis recent experience was very different fromImage the past because the series isfilmed in Portland. The actors are here for several months andthey work with the same technicians and crew and are therefore more relaxed. In the past I was treated like a breathing potted plant. “Stand here, look this way, and don’t move!” This time I was treated a touch more like an actress!


So if you are curious about what a movie extra does, it is not very glamorous. The fun is watching what goes on in the making of a movie or a TV series. Instead of paying for a tour on how a movie or TV series is made, you work in one!


People who work as background movie extras are usually interesting. For the most part they are people taking a day from what they normally do like being a social worker or a teacher or a business owner to have a day working in the world of make believe.


The TV series is Leverage on the TNT network. The episode will air sometime this summer and it is the “First Contact Job”. You can see me in one of the last scenes as a science reporter that is unless I am cut!



Have you ever had the acting bug? Have you also been a movie extra?