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New Year’s Resolutions
December 27, 2010

Cure Magazine,, asked a question in a reader poll. That question was: “Did you improve your lifestyle after you or a loved one’s diagnosis with cancer?” Of the 315 people who responded, 82% said ‘Yes’ and 18% said ‘No’. Resolutions at this time of the year are often made to be proactive. The best intentions are to start the New Year with a better diet, a better exercise program, a better time management regime, a better life.

From the Cure poll it appears that 259 people used their cancer experience to propel themselves, their loved one or family into an improved lifestyle. The remaining 56 people in the study who answered the poll with a ‘No’, I wonder what was their reasoning? Some I have to assume were terminal and chose to stay on their own course.

 Human nature is optimistic. We all think we will be the one in a thousand to beat the odds, to win. To hedge our bets, just in case we aren’t so lucky, many of us set resolutions to improve our lifestyle. Nobody needs a cancer diagnosis to improve their lifestyle, or to make resolutions for the better. The New Year is a time to start fresh. Everyone knows we should eat and drink in moderation, and exercise daily. I suggest a few other resolutions to the list. We all should get physical check-ups and dental check-ups. If you don’t have insurance, or have a high deductable, I suggest you pay for it out of your own pocket.

What can you cut from your expenses so you can pay to have a thorough check-up with blood work and a dental exam with x-rays? What would it mean to your resolutions if you start with a clean bill of health? What would it mean to your resolutions if you knew specifics, like your cholesterol level, glucose, or blood pressure? Are you feeling lucky or do you know you are?


Seasonal Hohohumbug
December 20, 2010

So are you feeling like Scrooge yet? Are you dreading and or resenting the work office party, the family dinner, the Christmas eve celebration, the neighborhood get together, the cookie exchange, the mall, the stack of cards in your mail, the grocery store and every Christmas movie, TV special, commercial and song ever? You are not alone.

Everyone knows the ways to combat these humbug feelings but let me review:

  1. Get plenty of sleep
  2. Exercise daily
  3. Eat and drink in moderation
  4. Let others do some of the Christmas chores for you
  5. Be realistic

Easier said than done, Right?

I suggest:

  1. Remember there is no recipe for the perfect Christmas Holiday
  2. Lower your expectations
  3. Say “Not this Year”
  4. Keep in mind those that want and expect the most from you do the least
  5. Who said Scrooge was so bad?

OK. You can also try the top 5 ways too!

Stay cool and Merry Christmas


The Diversity of Seasonal Work
December 13, 2010

If you have been shopping recently at stores or the mall or the big box stores or even the grocery store and who hasn’t, have you noticed the change in the seasonal help? I like to call it diversity but really it may be a sign of the still struggling economy. Retired age people are baggers and boxers as well as greeters and cashiers. Jobs that usually went to college kids home on break appear to be employed by more mature people, and I love it!

Going through the line at Costco, the person packing my bags engages me in a conversation about recipes. The seasonal clerk at Nordstoms mentions a book reference to a hat I am buying for a gift and we have a great discussion about books. Even the cashier at Target and I end up talking about the compostability of unbleached coffee filters. Maybe it is just me with my gift of gab, and being the same age, but this seems different. I know all retailers are trying to improve their customer service and it appears to me to be working with the more mature seasonal workers on shoppers like me, the more mature.

I still can be invisible at a Starbucks or in the grocery check-out line; that almost goes with-out saying. How many of us will go through the line even if it has a bigger wait to have our favorite checker swipe our groceries? My favorite grocery store says they are the friendliest store in town. They are friendly, but often more yakking with each other than talking with customers. When stopping a person for help they are indeed friendly and helpful, but I am middle age and not multi-pierced or tattooed so obviously not very cool. Likes seek likes and that is why I am happy this year with the mature seasonal help. happyholidays

If you are Menopausal, You are so Cool!
December 6, 2010

If you have been watching ‘Desperate Housewives’ lately you know the character Brea is going through menopause. She is also dating a younger man who wants to have children. Oh the drama! 

Talk of Menopause is everywhere on TV. What once was spoken about in hushed tones as the ‘Change’ is now open conversation using the correct term ‘Menopause’.

Not all cultures embrace casual conversation about menopause. Not all women want to talk about menopause either. Some women do not want to be thought old enough to be menopausal. Hey what is the alternative?

Millions of women experience menopause daily, can you feel the coolness!