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I Know I am Old but I may be Elderly too!
March 30, 2014

The evening news reported that an ELDERLY woman was found dead in a Macy’s restroom. She died the night before and was not discovered until the next day. The reporter went on to say the name of the ELDERLY woman was being withheld to notify next of kin.  This elderly woman appeared to die from natural causes and she was 61 YEARS OLD!! 

I would report this story very differently.

1.     Omit the restroom reference. I would only say found at Macy’s.

2.     I would NEVER call a 61-year-old woman ELDERLY!
I did a very informal poll of my friends and we all agree on several points:

1. Never use the restroom at Macy’s, find a Nordstrom.

2. 61 is not ELDERLY!!
I retold this story at a birthday party of a good friend. She was turning 61. Her 3 adult children were present and although they laughed at our outrage of being called ELDERLY, they made overtones of “Not you Mom, not you Haralee”. They are really good kids.   (more…)


What do Pajamas and Croissants have in Common?
March 26, 2014

Almost a year ago I took the challenge to do marketing part time for a bakery and café. I have been like a kid in a candy store, well really an adult in a bakery. I feel, although it is not required, my duty to taste the products and new menu items. Did I mention this is a French inspired, high quality bakery?


Besides the croissants, the muffins, the scones, there are the breakfast, brunch and lunch menu items that are really delicious. The breads are all outstanding. They bake 24/7 so the smell of freshly baked bread and pastries wafts through the air all day long.


Who knew you can get a DISCOUNT for Healthcare?
March 12, 2014

A funny thing happened last month. I did not pay a bill for a hospital charge. I didn’t mean to be delinquent; I was waiting for an adjustment from insurance. The Hospital billing office called and wanted to know if I needed help with my bill? I asked what kind of help and then I was educated into their world of discounts.

The Hospital gave me 15% off if I gave them a credit card right on the phone. I called the Anesthesiologist’s office and they were good with offering me 15% off as well. The Surgeon’s office would only go 10% off. Total saved was close to $500.00!

I never before thought about asking health care providers for a discount. I have insurance but there still is a personal responsibility that I now know is negotiable.

With my new knowledge on negotiating discounts, I have also negotiated a better price from our Cable provider and our Phone service provider. I have found small proprietors are more apt to give a bigger discount with cash. The credit card processing fees add up. I bought a carpet shampooer and they were happy to wheel and deal for a cash price.Image

When new customers to our company call and ask for a discount, I give it to them. I have learned all one has to do is ‘ask’. At a recent trade show, I gave a bigger discount for cash purchases.

I have not negotiated in a restaurant. I don’t know how that would work. I would love to hear if some one has negotiated a discount on their meal. 

A Benefit to Being Invisible
March 4, 2014

I was waiting in line at a coffee shop this week and overheard an interesting conversation between 2 young women. I doubt if they noticed me and even when I moved when they did I was invisible to them. For a change I was happy to be a tangible ‘fly on the wall’ so I could eavesdrop on their conversation.



One of the young women was telling her friend what a hard time she was having finding a wedding dress that would show off her tattoos. This woman I observed had tats on her hands, arms, legs and chest. Not just a few but bright brilliant colors of big flowers and geometric patterns all over.



Very popular in wedding dresses is the strapless style. You can imagine why my curiosity piqued to find out why this style was not going to work for her. It seems her back tattoos, not visible in the coffee shop, are the issue. A backless dress with a strapless front is an engineering problem. How does it stay up and stay up when dancing?



Here you can visualize me shuffling next to them to hear more about this very unique situation that I am sure plagues many women. How indeed does a dress showcase as many tattoos as possible?



Would spaghetti straps really ruin the look? Would a fitted sweetheart front and V-back not be enough exposure? Image



More details were overheard easily as the milk steaming was rather loud. This woman is matching her flowers to her tattoos and is waiting for August to be able to get them in season. This was a new reason to me on picking wedding colors and date.


Bridesmaids’ dresses was the next subject and I was almost busted. In fact the bride to be turned around and faced me. I was almost leaning on her shoulder to overhear and pretended to have shoe problems. It must have worked because they continued talking and I was once again invisible!



I am truly showing my un-coolness and age. I thought finding a flattering style, and price the big issues in buying a wedding gown.  Guess not.



Has your invisibility been fun to you? Do you know how a backless, strapless gown could stay up? Have your heard before this tattoo exhibition problem in a wedding gown?