A Mother’s Love Never Dies
May 7, 2015

TJ and Mom1
My friend TJ had a unique encounter that I thought would make a wonderful Mother’s Day post. Here is her story:

“I do not know how mother got to Bali. But the discovery produced a smile on my face. Mother finally got to travel. Just the week before I had carefully spread her ashes on my brother’s grave before heading to the airport.

I had been unable to discard the vessel that had contained her ashes and had held it on my lap for the long flight. I had been sure it was empty. I do not know why I looked inside.

We had been spending a magical week in Bali. Our guide was a devote Hindu. Karma, reincarnation and their varied beliefs were constant topics of conversation. I asked him about a resting place for Mother. His positive response was heartfelt; he would arrange everything.Sending jean

Two days later, we drove to the ocean with mother’s ashes. Waiting for us were several holy men, dressed in white. My mother was about to have a beautiful Hindu funeral. The men chanted, incense was burned, chimes were rung and offerings were made. Although in a language I did not understand, when she finally was given to the sea, I felt at peace.
Surprisingly, many people questioned the appropriateness Hindu ceremony.
“Would she have approved?”
“I do not know.”
Soon the answer would change.

Mother and I were never close. When I was barely 4, my 7-year-old brother, died. My mother retreated from life and me. She was a fearful, timid woman who spoke wishfully of world travel. Getting a passport scared her so much she abandoned hope of travel. In opposition, I grew up energetic, outgoing and a world traveler.

I was joyful mother had found her way to Bali.

Upon my return home, I scheduled a facial. I went to my usual lady, who knew nothing of my travels or personal life as I enjoy quiet meditation during facials. This was not to be.

With eyes closed, I felt an energy rush when she touched my left arm. Purple lights went off in my head. My body was tingling. Afterwards, I asked her what had happened, referencing only the purple light. Avoiding eye contact, she told me, “Your mother contacted me when I touched your left arm and energy began to flow through you. She told me to tell you she had a blast. She felt very important and it was the nicest thing you have ever done for her.”

I was stunned and at a loss for words. I felt love flowing between mother and myself.

I am looking forward to Mother’s Day secure in the knowledge a mother’s love never dies.”


Mother’s Day Daily
May 7, 2012

Let’s say your financial situation is not very bright at the moment and you are walking near a grocery store and a woman engages you in conversation. After a bit of chitchat she says, “I’d like to give you something”! “I’d like to give you a gift”. This 50 plus year old woman then shows a 100-dollar bill and continues talking! Is she Roberta Hood? Is she a scam artist? Is she crazy?

Jill Ginsberg spreads Mother’s Day to everyday.  Briefly Jill’s story is she inherited money from her Mother and passes it forward One Hundred Dollar bill at a time. Her Mother worked until she was almost 80 and was also a concentration camp survivor. Jill, who is a family practice doctor in Portland, Oregon, and claims to be a ‘cheapskate’, finds people in her everyday life that would appreciate an unexpected gift!

Jill writes a blog about her gifting. Each blog is unique. Sometimes her blog brings me to tears, sometimes, I laugh but I am always inspired with her generosity. If you want to follow Jill, check it out here: Hundreds of Hundreds  One cheapskate’s stories of giving and connection.

What a great way to honor her Mother! What a wonderful thing to do!

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers and especially to new Mothers like my beautiful niece Hannah and her gorgeous daughter AniRose!

Yes I am prejudiced because I am Tanti to this sweet love!  What Mother’s Day plans to you have?

Mother Knows Best
May 2, 2011

As we age some friendships fall by the wayside. We were friends because of work or because of the kids or the neighborhood, and then circumstances change, and friendships wane. Some friendships end with death. Getting older means this occurrence happens more often.

My father who died at age 86 had outlived all of his close friends. He was then friends with what he called the ‘B’ List.  This may sound mean but it was really just realistic. The guys he really wanted to play golf, play cards and hang out with were all gone.

While I still have many “A” lists friends, I did lose one to cancer last year. This is the anniversary of her death and over the week-end I bumped into her son who I haven’t seen in a year. He is a handsome young man, with an MBA and gainfully employed. He was meeting some friends for lunch and we could only catch up for a few minutes. I asked about his girlfriend and was told they broke up.

My friend never cared for the son’s girlfriend, but never mentioned it to anyone but her girlfriends. At my friend’s funeral the son’s girlfriend was not dressed appropriately, too short of a skirt, fishnet hose, and a neckline showing all her tattoos and more while walking up and down the aisles. There usually is one such person at most funerals that cannot resist the attention of an audience, and she was ‘it’.

I was thrilled to hear his news about his break-up, but restrained my reaction. He mentioned that his Mom never got close to the old girlfriend and asked me did I know why?  I was able to say in all honesty that his Mother was very intuitive, and perceptive. His reply sent me into tears, “Yeah, Mom always did know best”.

Happy Mother’s Day to all intuitive perceptive Mothers who do as a matter of fact know best!