A Profound Difference Between Men and Women, (according to my unscientific research)
April 20, 2015

Here is the scenario:

You are preparing some food item and you are out of a needed ingredient. You are home from work and you have changed into comfy clothes.

Here is the question:

Do you get dressed and head off to the store?


Here are the answers from some of my 50+ women friends:

  1. I have changed into comfy clothes; I’d make something else.
  2. Maybe if I didn’t take my make-up off yet.
  3. Did I take my bra off? If I did, no way!
  4. If it is winter and I can throw on a coat.
  5. Of course not. Go out that time of day after working all day? I would be too tired by the time I got back home to make anything!


Here are answers from some 50+ men friends:

  1. Sure
  2. Yes
  3. I’d pick up something else too

Notice the men do not have any hesitations about changing back into clothes, underwear, makeup, and time of day or season.

I asked some women in their 20’s and 30’s the same question. Their answers were more like the men than the 50+-year-old women! So what happened? Here are my conclusions:

  1. At 50+ we women know the one time we rush to the market without make-up wearing a baseball hat is the time we bump into several people we haven’t seen in a long time!
  2. We 50+ women don’t have the extra energy.
  3. Men at 50+ don’t’ care what they look like if they meet someone. In fact they might go out for a beer. Women would rather cut off their arm!
  4. Men think it will just take less than a half-hour so what is the big deal?
  5. Young women look good with little effort, and have more energy than their 50+ counterparts!


Tell me your answer. Do you concur or not?