A Conversation with My Hot Flashes and Night Sweats
April 11, 2015


To those who have never experienced a night sweat or a hot flash I thought I would try to convey how they feel in this Q&A. Beware, I think Hot Flashes and Night Sweats have nasty replies.

Haralee: A Hot Flash feels to me like a tiny bit of foreboding, maybe a bit of nausea followed by sweat breaking out on my forehead and chest like I just finished a workout.

Hot Flash: Foreboding, nausea? You are such a dram queen! Yes I spike your internal thermostat, get used to it!

Haralee: My Hot Flashes can be so intense that I carry a fan and shower and change clothes several times a day.

Hot Flash: So what is the big deal? I am keeping you clean, wearing all your clothes and sporting a fashion accessory.

Haralee: I found some Chinese herbs that help reduce the intensity and frequency of my hot flashes. Since I had estrogen positive breast cancer, I can’t take any hormones, bio-identical or even plant estrogens.

Hot Flash: Whah-Whah

Haralee: My Night Sweats are so severe they will wake me up several times a night. Before I started wearing the sleepwear from my company, I was going through sheets, nightgowns and pajamas nightly!

Night Sweats: Lullabies are for babies. You are such a whiner!

Haralee: No one sleeps well when you are having night sweats. Covers go up and down and unless you are wearing wicking sleepwear, you end up hot, wet and then freezing.

Night Sweats: Sleep is so over rated!

Haralee: Insomnia is also a side effect of menopause. Often after a night sweat wakes me up, I can’t fall back to sleep.

Night Sweats: Whah-Whah

See how nasty they are? Have you anything to add to this dialogue?


3 Things that may be Keeping you Awake at Night
March 29, 2012

1.Night Sweats

Night sweats can be caused by a variety of things. A clamminess or dampness to a full body soaking wet, have to change the sheets and take a shower feeling. It all means that you are waking up uncomfortable and often cold.  As always you may want to check with your doctor.


What to do?

If you have a dog or cat sleeping with you and a partner, they are all producing heat so some one has to leave the bed!

Wear moisture wicking sleepwear like from Haralee.com.

Do not wear cotton to sleep. You will only wake up wet and cold.

Keep the room as cool as possible.

Run a fan near your feet.



Insomnia affects many people from a host of reasons.  Is it heartburn or acid reflux? Muscle pains or leg spasms? Have you considered Menopause side effects or side effect from medications? As always you may want to check with your doctor.Image


What to do?

There are sleeping drugs prescription and over the counter to help.

There are relaxation and breathing exercises that may work for you.

If you have a partner that is a very restless sleeper or snorer, you may want to sleep in another room.

Suggestions like earplugs, wave or surf music, very dark curtains and a cool room may also help you stay asleep.


3. Wired Brain

You just cannot turn off your brain. You are stressed to your eyebrows. You are tired but a thought or activity from the day comes across you mind and before you know it you are making lists and writing emails in your head.


What to do?

There are sleeping drugs prescription and over the counter to help.

There are relaxation and breathing exercises that may work for you.

Some people find it beneficial to get up and do an activity like a crossword puzzle or word jumble or Sudoku or walk the dog or brush the cat out of the bed!


What keeps you up at night and what tips do you want to share on getting a better night sleep?